5 Ideas for a Killer Youtube SEO Strategy

youtube seo

Youtube can be an amazing way to boost your business and make some money- if you use it correctly. In fact, Youtube is one of the three most popular websites in the world.

So if you play your cards right, your videos can potentially receive millions of views. But how do you make sure that your uploads don’t get lost in the shuffle?

You’re in the right place to find out! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about creating the perfect Youtube SEO strategy.

Let’s get started.

Define Your Goals

Before you begin, make sure that you define your goals and understand how to get there. For example, a great goal is to have your video on the first page of search results for that topic.

Also, spend some time researching how Youtube SEO, and SEO in general, works. The better that you understand the ins and outs, the more that you will get in return.

Be Search Friendly

The name of the game here? Keywords.

Your aim should be to choose keywords that are searched on both Youtube and other search engines like Google. This way, you can lead viewers to your videos from multiple channels.

Some great examples of videos that do well on multiple search engines are:

  • How-to’s
  • Fitness videos
  • Product reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Adorable animals

Being aware of the types of videos which search engines love will help you to create content that will attract more traffic.

How to Research Keywords

When choosing keywords for your video titles and descriptions, the first step is to research the competition. Search for similar content on the web and see what results pop up on search engines.

Once you have some solid options selected from this research, visit a website that shows you how much search volume these keywords get per month. You want to aim for a keyword that gets at least a couple hundred searches.

Production Quality Matters for Youtube SEO

Once you have some killer keywords, it’s time to produce your content! And remember, keywords aren’t the only thing that will get you views. Your video’s production quality needs to shine above the rest!

And, like most things in life, the more you put in- the more you’ll get out! Hiring a video production team is a great call for these videos. Shooting content with an HD camera and having it professionally edited with added graphics is what will make your content to stand out.

Don’t Skimp on Length

The average length of a top-ranking Youtube video is a bit over fourteen minutes. So, even if it may feel like shorter is better for the average attention span, this may not be the case!

Take the time to really flesh out the topic of your video to give your viewers the information or entertainment which they desire.

Have Fun!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself when creating this online content. As long as you remember the Youtube SEO tips above, you’ll be creating super successful videos in no time at all.

Investing in quality production, spending time researching keywords, and setting goals will keep you on track for fruitful efforts. And remember- these things take time, so don’t give up!

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