How to Tell the Difference Between Quality SEO Services and Bad Ones

quality seo services

It’s 2018. That means it’s pretty difficult to run a business without a great internet presence. And in order to maintain a great internet presence, you’re starting to realize that you need a great marketing company to help.

The catch? Finding the right company for you. With so many savvy companies out there claiming how awesome they are, it can be hard to tell who’s the most awesome.

Keep reading for a few tips on how to spot quality SEO services.

Red Flags

First, check out their website. Do they have quality, relevant content on their site? Is their site well-designed with quick loading speeds? Do they list any reviews?

If they’re good at what they do, they’ll employ those fantastic SEO skills on their home turf. You’re putting your website in this company’s hands. Theirs should be a good example of what they can do with it.

Next, keep an eye out for out-of-date or incorrect SEO strategies, like search engine submission or META keywords. Search engine submission isn’t necessary; they’re called search engines for a reason! If an SEO company is advertising this as part of their package, they’re out of touch.

Same goes for META keywords. These are a thing of past.

META descriptions are key, on the other hand. Quality SEO services know the difference.

Most importantly, do they provide metrics? If not, stay away. Some bad SEO services will claim that their work can’t be measured, or that it takes too long to measure it to provide you with data.

Quality SEO services understand that it’s their job to make sense of the complicated world of the internet for you. They’ll provide you with all the metrics you need to understand what they’re doing.

The Good

So what does a quality SEO service look like?

First, they’ll offer different payment models. This should include a fixed price web audit to show you what they’re capable of before you sign on for monthly services.

They should offer on- and off-page services. Off-page services include social media marketing, domain authority, and some local SEO.

They should take the time to understand your business model and do thorough market research. They should also be excellent at keyword research for your industry. These are two signifiers of a very thorough SEO service.

They should offer “White-Hat” link building. This means their SEO tactics focus on real humans (your potential leads), rather than merely abiding by technological rules.

Last but not least, they should have plenty of team members to make you feel valued and taken care of. They should explain the basics of what they’re doing, answer your questions, and communicate frequently.

Quality SEO Services

In today’s marketplaces, quality SEO can mean the difference between a growing business or one that’s falling behind. Don’t be the latter.

If you still have questions, consider hiring an internet business guru like Your Income Advisor to help get you on the path to becoming internet savvy.

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