5 Easy Ways to Make Your Pinterest Profile Grow Traffic to Your Website

pinterest profile

Every webmaster is constantly seeking new ways to drive traffic. The positive impact of social media is a given, but many websites underrate the effectiveness of Pinterest.

This platform is one of the biggest social media players, with over 150 million monthly users. It’s also becoming more popular with men, which now represent roughly 40 percent of its members.

In addition, Pinterest launched video advertisements in 2016. Coupled with the growing interest among men, it’s evolving into a well-rounded marketing tool.

Your Pinterest profile is critical to driving website traffic growth. In fact, this social network drives more website traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined.

It’s time for you to take full advantage of this phenomena. Read on to learn five easy ways to drive more traffic to your Pinterest page:

1) Highlight Calls to Action

A pin that drives traffic to your website typically includes a clickable button. Web designers call this button a call to action. This is the means in which web users are directed to your webpage to read a blog post or purchase something.

Your pin design should emphasize this button. It should clearly stand out and not blend in with its surroundings.

2) Call out Expiration Dates and Emphasize Urgency

There is a common trait in marketing emails from top retailers across the world. The headline almost always creates the impression that urgent action is required.

The best marketers use phrases such as “last chance” or “final hours” to peak the reader’s attention. Consumers don’t want to let a great deal pass by.

If you’re selling items on Pinterest, be sure to highlight expiration dates and limitations. Announcing that an exclusive item is near sold out status tends to trigger purchasing decisions.

3) Don’t Forget about SEO on Your Pinterest Profile

SEO is just as important on your Pinterest profile as it is on the landing page. There are a few different places on Pinterest that need to have SEO keywords in place.

The first place is your Pinterest page. It should include keywords that directly relate to your product or content.

You should also optimize each Pinterest board. Keywords should be included in both the title and description for each board.

Lastly, each pin should consider SEO optimization. Again, the title and description should feature keywords and hashtags.

4) Pin Items Frequently

The motto out of sight, out of mind rings true for Pinterest. Like other social media platforms, accounts that post only occasionally tend to be forgotten by consumers.

By pinning items frequently, you stay fresh in the customer’s mind.

Any type of business can use Pinterest to grow its online presence. This includes web design agencies, healthcare centers, and law firms like Brigitte Simeonides and Associates.

If a client is in need of legal services, he’s more likely to remember your Pinterest profile and then visit the website directly.

5) Network with Other Users

One effective suggestion is to actively participate in the social media community. Pinterest users are more likely to share your pins after you share theirs.

Tag Pinterest account holders that are relevant or deserve some credit for the pin. This is a great way to network and grow the reach of your Pinterest page.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re not using Pinterest, now is the perfect time to start. The social media app is blowing up and already more effective than competitors like LinkedIn.

A few simple actions like SEO optimization and urgent calls to action can increase traffic to your website. For more information about optimizing your Pinterest profile, contact us today!