10 Ways Music Shops Improve Their Website Traffic

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Is your music shop suffering from the low website traffic syndrome? Maybe you’ve invested your time and money on a great website for your business, but you’re not attracting many visitors.

Your music shop may have a variety of quality instruments and accessories. You may offer music lessons or carry awesome music collectibles. Perhaps you also have great customer service.

But if people aren’t hearing about what you have to offer, you’re both missing out.

It’s time to take action. Here are some tips to increase your website traffic and boost your marketing efforts for success.

1. Don’t Get Lost in Cyberspace

There are millions of websites on the web. You want to stand out in your niche and be easily found. That’s why you need a good SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for every website and all industries. It’s a process for making sure people searching for your products and services can find you quickly.

Good SEO puts you at the top of the list when potential customers do Internet searches for music stores.

Using the right keywords is essential. These are the most popular words or phrases in your niche. Your website should rank high for the target keywords.

2. Make Some Noise and Get Noticed

One of the best ways to get your offers in front of people who want to buy is through social media. That’s where 1.5 million people hang out every day. So, go where your customers are.

Start building a following on social media, then share a photo of a unique guitar design, or a video of someone playing one of your instruments. Post a demo of an electric guitar setup.

Getting noticed is like shining a spotlight on your music shop.

3. Create a Landing Page to Capture Leads

Every business needs an email list. It’s one of the most valuable assets for growing your business. But your website needs a way of capturing those leads once someone visits its pages.

Create a landing page with a call to action. Make a special offer in exchange for customers’ email addresses. If they opt in, they will get something of value in return.

Here are some options for the opt-in offer:

  • Store credit
  • Product discounts
  • Contests and giveaways
  • A schedule of local music concerts
  • Podcasts or interviews with musicians
  • Industry newsletter

Once you get people to opt-in, use your email list to grow your relationship with them.

4. Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

Growing your email list is the foundation of your online marketing strategy. Capturing leads on your landing page has the potential to add emails to your list daily.

Once you have an email list, use an autoresponder to keep your prospects connected to your store.

Send periodic emails automatically to let them know what’s happening at the store and in your industry. Announce any special offers you may have or new merchandise that has arrived.

It takes seven touches or contacts before someone begins to think about a purchase. Email marketing is a great way to stay connected to your prospects.

5. Start a Blog to Attract Visitors

Blogging is a great way to increase website traffic. But most people shy away from starting a blog because it can seem overwhelming to write constantly.

While it’s true that a blog needs fresh content regularly, you can write entries weekly or every other week in the beginning. You could also have guest bloggers, or outsource your blog writing.

Find new and unique ways to talk about your merchandise and the music industry. Taking unique perspectives on what’s trending can get you some attention and establish you as an industry expert.

Share your posts on social media along with any photos, videos, or audio files that are relevant.

6. Add Facebook Ads to Your Budget

Facebook ads can expand your reach and attract new customers. It’s a simple, effective way to promote your brand.

There are two obvious positives to advertising on Facebook.

  • You have access to a large captive audience
  • You can select your target audience by demographics and lifestyle factors

Make sure you create a great ad with a powerful headline and a strong call to action.

Facebook has a tracking pixel that you can install on your website. Once a prospect has visited your site once, this tracking tool will follow him and continue to remarket your offers.

7. Syndicate Your Blog

Journalists write articles that are then reprinted in newspapers across the country. They only write the article one time, but the re-publishing process increases the article’s reach exponentially. This is called syndication.

You can do the same thing with your blog posts in order to reach new audiences.

Ask other similar businesses or musicians in your industry to post blogs on each other’s websites. It’s a win-win situation.

Linking to these sites and receiving backlinks will increase your SEO rating and website traffic.

8. Try Quizzes, Contests, and Giveaways

People are always looking for a challenge, a novel idea, or a good deal.

That’s why launching a quiz about the music industry will create buzz about your business and drive people to your site. Plus, quizzes are easy to create on websites like Quizzr.

You can also raise interest by having a contest or giving away a prize.

For example, you might give away tickets to an upcoming concert. The idea is to promote an item or an event on social media to get more visitors to your website.

9. Recruit Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

In every industry, there are those individuals who are easily recognizable and have a big following online. These influencers are great people to align yourself with. It may be a local musician or a radio DJ.

If you can get them to promote your website offerings, your traffic will increase.

Brand ambassadors are usually active on social media. And they’re passionate about the music industry. If you have a relationship with these people, ask them to create buzz about your online offerings.

10. Use a Podcast to Create Interest

You know a lot about the music industry and you have a lot of information to share. Why not put your voice out there with a podcast?

Podcasts are great because they require little or no investment, and you can even record them in your pajamas.

Talk about interesting facts that people don’t know about the music industry. Interview personalities with unusual perspectives on music and culture.

At first, it may seem like you’re talking to nobody. But stay persistent in your podcast production and promote it on social media. Eventually, you will begin to grow an audience for it on your website.

Learn More about Increasing Website Traffic

There you have it. Ten ways to increase website traffic to your music shop and multiply your marketing power.

Incorporating any of these tips into your marketing plan will make a difference in growing your list and, ultimately, your customer base.

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