5 SEO Hacks for CBD Suppliers

CBD suppliers

If you’re looking to boost traffic to your CBD suppliers website, SEO is the way to go. But when you’re new to the game, it can be an overwhelming undertaking.

Fear not! There are some super simple hacks that will boost your traffic and sales in a flash. From free tool suggestions to things to avoid, we have all the info you need.

Keep reading for the details on five SEO hacks for CBD suppliers.

Let’s get started!

1. Check Out Free Tools

Who doesn’t like help for free? Especially when it comes to SEO.

Many SEO websites offer free support like free SEO audits that will help you to see where your website stands currently. Google Analytics and other Google SEO resources can help as well.

Try these free resource before enlisting help from the pros.

2. Encourage and Respond to Comments

Not only should you allow for people to leave comments on your SEO blogs, you should respond to these comments as well. An engaged audience is an effective audience.

Not only are these responses friendly, but you can also pick up on missed information this way. People may leave comments with questions about something you didn’t provide enough details on, or call you out on any misinformation you provided in your writing.

3. Check out Other CBD Suppliers’ SEO Efforts

Hey- if it works for them, it can work for you too, right? And as long as you’re not plagiarising any written work, copying others’ successful efforts is just plain smart.

Spend some time checking out your competitors’ websites. What’s working for them? Which web pages are ranking the highest in search engine results?

Whatever is helping them to help people learn more about CBD- make it happen for your own site. But, of course, put your own spin on it.

4. Search for 404 Pages

Did you know that people could be linking to URL’s that are sending back a 404 message on your page? Fixing this issue is an easy win.

Visit Google Search Console, click on “Crawl”, then “Crawl Errors” and finally “Not Found” to find these pages. Google should put them in order from the most to least important for you.

Make sure to remedy these pages as soon as possible by redirecting them to the most relevant solution. This is a simple hack that makes all the difference in your CBD website’s SEO results.

5. Stay Away from Large Images

When creating your CBD suppliers website, it may be tempting to pop some large images in to make a lasting impression. However, considering the size of these images is absolutely vital.

A jumbo-sized image will slow down your page’s loading time, which will diminish not only your users’ experience but also your SEO results. Make sure that all images on your site are sized appropriately to avoid this issue.

Wrapping Up

If you use these five simple hacks, you’ll find that you will have vastly improved SEO results in no time at all. Just remember to take advantage of free tools, to redirect your site’s 404 pages, to stay away from oversized images, to check out your competition, and to encourage comments!

If you stick with this plan, you’ll surely be happy with the SEO results for your CBD suppliers site.

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