Why Your Adult Website Should Switch to HTTPS Encryption

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Every adult website online needs to switch to HTTPS. Huge porn sites like Pornhub and YouPorn have made the switch – why should you?

To tell the truth, it doesn’t really matter what your industry is. HTTPS is the new standard security encryption expected by search engines and users alike.

Why is it so important, and why does it matter to you?

Let’s take a closer look.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) – What Is It?

The standard prefix for any website used to be HTTP://.

These days, you’ll see HTTPS:// being used in most cases. That ‘S’ comes from ‘Secure’ for a secure connection.

In simple terms, it’s a safer approach for websites to use than the previous protocol.

It helps to decrease the risk of an attack taking place in the communication sent between the user’s computer and the server hosting the website.

When you send a request to the server to get access to a website, your browser receives a key. It uses this to create a secure session with the server, protecting your traffic.

Let’s learn more about why it’s so important for you.

Why Does HTTPS Matter for My Adult Website?

The porn industry has something of a reputation for being linked up with malware and viruses.

Adult website use is sometimes associated with people downloading what they thought were adult movies but are actually malicious files.

Improving internet connections have made streaming much more common in terms of porn consumption.

So to ensure safety while streaming, users want to see HTTPS in the address bar. Accompanied by the ‘little green lock’ icon, this is fast becoming something of a gold standard in security.

Users are more likely to bounce out of your site if they don’t see that, as they’re starting to realize what it means for their own security.

It’s important when they’re browsing adult content that their security is addressed. Porn consumption is sensitive information that could be used as a blackmail device.

There have been recent attacks on adult sites like affairs forum Ashley Madison. This was followed by user blackmail. It’s clear that your website could easily be a target.

SEO Considerations

You want to turn up first in adult website search listings.

To do this in major search engines like Google, you need HTTPS.

Google has called for ‘HTTPS everywhere‘ as this is the secure Internet that it wants to see.

When Google wants the web to do something, the web usually listens.

Sites are rewarded for having HTTPS in search rankings. If you want your website to remain near the top of the search results, you need HTTPS implementation ASAP.

Once HTTPS is Set Up

When you’ve got your webmaster to transfer your site to use HTTPS protocols, what’s next?

Well, every website needs a solid approach to get seen in a crowded space.

Find out how to make your website visible and optimized using our range of SEO tools and training resources.

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