Everything You Need to Know About Online Yoga Trends

The average 45 to 55-year-old gains 1 pound per year. Yoga has been proven to decrease the average amount of pounds you will naturally gain by almost 50%.

It is amazing what 30 minutes of morning yoga can do for your body. Yoga is like fruit. It is great for your health and there are many types to choose from.

3 types of yoga that have risen in popularity are namaste yoga, distance energy yoga, and blindfolded yoga.

Read on to hear more about these yoga styles.

Namaste Yoga

Namaste yoga is meant for all different body types. The creators believed that anyone and everyone can benefit from the effects of yoga, so they made it simple.

Namaste yoga has been featured in a television series titled “Namaste Yoga.” It was created to give those who cannot go to a gym the opportunity to increase their physical health.

This yoga follows the Hatha tradition. This tradition is what most fitness clubs offer. It is where the teacher is in front of the class and the participants follow their lead. This kind of yoga is meant to help guide those who are beginners or those who seek help relaxing properly.

Distance Energy Yoga

Distance energy healing yoga is also known as remote yoga. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a form of yoga that is meant to heal those who are not present.

This form of yoga is beneficial for both people, the participant, and the recipient. But no one really knows how it all works.

There are 3 phases of this type of yoga:

Phase 1 is the intentions of the healer. This is where the healer meditates to get into a calming state of mind.

Phase 2 is the “non-local phase.” This is where the distance part of the yoga comes in. When the healer begins their yoga routine, they become one with the recipient.

Phase 3 is the healing effect on the recipient. This is where the term “distance yoga” comes from. In this phase, the recipient of the healing yoga gets the peace and relaxation needed to bring his/her mood up and stress down.

The location does not matter, as long as you can relax and become one with the recipient. Here are some travel ideas in case you decide to give this a try!

Blindfolded Yoga

Many athletic clubs have implemented this type of yoga in their classes. With a blindfold on, the moves are the same as most yoga classes. It is the amount of inner concentration that changes.

When you wear a blindfold, your body focuses more on body-awareness. You cannot see what is around you so your body tries to cope with the unknown.

Many people think that vision is an essential part of yoga in order to keep your balance. Although it may be easier, vision is not the only thing we need to keep our balance.

Your ability to focus on what the instructor is saying in comparison to what your body is doing is also tested. Many people may not realize how often they rely on the mirrors around them to correct their form.

Try Yoga Today

The effects of yoga on the body are incredible. The core strength in which it provides helps boost your metabolism and outer strength.

But, these are just 3 of the many different forms of yoga that exist today.

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