How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Online Vapor Store

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Did you know that e-cigarettes are 30% to 50% safer than combustibles? There’s no wonder why a lot of smokers are switching over to vaping! This also hints at the booming future for vapor shops.

If you’re running an online vapor store but struggling to boost your sales, you may want to consider changing your technique.

If you want to drive more traffic to your shop, it all starts with proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This begins with a quality website content people want to read. How do you know what they want?

It all starts with the right keywords.

Keep ahead of the competition by choosing the best keywords for your vapor store. Using the right keywords can make your content searchable. The more searchable your content is, the better your chance to improve your search ranking.

Let’s get into it!

Use Keyword Research Tools to Improve Your Online Vapor Store

Using the right keyword research tools can speed up your keyword research process.

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most effective tools.

It allows you to enter anything related to your website to find new keywords. It also provides you with estimated search volume, as well as budgets to run your campaigns. It can also suggest alternative keywords that can help you improve your rank on Google.

And the best thing about it? It’s free!

Another useful tool that you can use for your online vapor store is SEMrush. It’s not only for keyword research and competition analysis. It is an all-in-one tool that offers several beneficial features such as:

  • Domain comparison
  • Backlink analysis
  • Advertising analysis tools
  • Checking website traffic

This tool is not for free but the developers offer a free 30-day trial period.

Look at the Competition

So you’ve found some popular keywords for your content but now what’s next?

Check out the keyword competition and take time to evaluate it. If you see the first-page result packed with authoritative sites and big brand names, then consider the next keyword on your list.

Look at renowned sites like to see their strengths and build upon them. You can use a similar keyword strategy or deviate to focus on a different audience.

To make things a bit easier for you, use SpyFu. As the name implies, this tool helps you spy on your competitors. Enter your competitors’ websites and it will give you the keywords that they focus on.

Focus on Niche Keywords

Is your vape store located in Cardiff? Focus on keywords that target that niche location like “vapor store Cardiff.” If your store is in London, do the same.

This will help boost your site’s local SEO ranking. Your site will appear more often for people living in those areas and those who do related searches.

Improve Your Keyword Strategy Today

Finding the best keywords for your online vape store involves a lot of metrics. Looking at Google Keyword Planner, the keywords your competitors use, and niche keywords are the beginning steps but that’s not where it ends.

For more advanced keyword strategies or if you have more questions about other SEO tools, contact us today! We can provide some of the best methods and SEO consultation to suit your needs.