7 Ways The Experts Boost Traffic To Adult Websites

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So you’ve got your adult websites up and running but you’re not getting as much traffic as you want?

As an adult webmaster, you could always use more traffic since it increases your standing and your profit potential.

The market for adult websites is vast and competitive. It takes good content and good traffic driving techniques to see good results.

While paid advertising is an effective tool, there are many other things you can do to increase traffic. These will also have more lasting results.

With SEO, social media mastery, and link building, you can keep your traffic growing more and more.

Keep reading to learn how to drive loads of traffic to your adult websites.

1. Continuous Content Creation

Content is what people come to you for. By writing articles you expand your website and create more SEO opportunities. You can also attract a wider audience.

Prioritize making content for your readers, not just for the search engines. Choose topics based on what your viewers find interesting, not just what’s trending.

The biggest benefit of focusing on your audience is that you get more quality traffic. People who genuinely want your content are more likely to convert to sales and subscriptions.

Keep adding attractive content often. People want new, relevant, and genuine content more than anything. Not robotic rehashes of robotic rehashes.

Make sure to create real value for the readers. The internet is full of fluff and clickbait. People learn to spot and avoid it. You don’t want to increase your bounce rate, you want more customers.

If you run a video tube or a picture gallery, consider including some text for each entry. Describing the scene, maybe giving some backstory. This also lets you milk your keywords more, and guides people with specific tastes to your content.

You want content that keeps people coming back and recommending your site to others.

2. Optimizing Your Adult Websites

You want to be on top of the first page when people search for your niche. Or at least as close as possible. Without SEO, your page won’t land anywhere near the first page.

SEO makes it easier for search algorithms to understand and index your website. It lets them know what you’re about and who your page is meant for.

They prioritize what they see as relevant, popular, and useful pages. Because that’s what people seek.

One of the reasons you need to post a lot of content is it helps you optimize the site more and more. Always include descriptive titles containing your main keywords.

Be original when possible, avoid overusing popular keywords. Search engines are designed to detect and filter out generic and dishonest content.

Include plenty of H1 and H2 headers and make sure to use your keywords there. Include ALT tags with relevant keywords on all images.

Written articles and video/image descriptions make an ideal place for long-tail keywords. These are specific phrases and sentences that many people search for.

There’s less competition for long-tail keywords than short ones,

Stringing tags together into a more specific keyword chain can be super-effective. Be descriptive and specific.

You can use any element as a keyword. Get creative. For example, if your content includes the type of sex furniture for sale here you can use that as a signature tag.

If you don’t know where to start, look here.

3. Generate Quality Backlinks

Relevant backlinks are, first and foremost, links to your page from important websites in the same general category. The more important the site is, the more valuable their links to your site becomes.

Think of it like helping each other in a win-win arrangement. This helps with quality link building and search engine relevance. The more quality backlinks you get, the more powerful your keywords become.

It’s important to know the difference between good and bad backlinks. Links from backlink farms, irrelevant sites, and sites with a bad ranking will do more harm than good.

Both search algorithms and people will see this as spam. It will hurt your rankings and give a bad impression.

Start by finding relevant blogs, video tubes, and curated link galleries. Ask them for links or press releases. You can trade guest posts or cross-advertise.

Also, find the popular forums and subreddits for your niche and let them know you exist. Make frequent posts and ensure that they’re relevant.

Depending on your budget, there are also many paid options for quality link building. The big authorities in your niche may offer to advertise your site or a specific page for a set fee.

Look at the most successful competitors’ strategies to get more ideas.

4. Use Social Media

The social media provide an underutilized promotion tool for adult websites. While Facebook isn’t too keen on adult content, sites like Tumblr and Twitter are perfect porn promotion channels.

Make your social media profiles interesting and engaging on their own. Few people pay attention to channels that do nothing but advertise.

Make use of popular hashtags. Only relevant ones, never resort to spam and topic hijacking.

Follow users related to your niche. Don’t follow your competitors, but other relevant accounts will be helpful.

When you follow, they tend to follow back and share your content.

It also helps users find more relevant stuff, so your audiences merge a bit.

Keep your profiles active. If a week goes by without hot posts, some followers will unfollow you.

Interact with popular adult websites on social media. It lets people see that you exist, and you’ll get more followers. If the big sites like your content, they may promote you for free.

Interact with your following. Post questions, inspire discussion. Take the time to respond when appropriate. You’ll have a better standing with your fans, and you learn about them and their preferences.

5. Post on Reddit

Create a Reddit account for your adult website. It’s got myriads of people looking for more juicy adult content.

Don’t spam, that will only harm your site.

Find the most popular and relevant adult subreddits and post a link once in a while. You can get thousands of new visitors each day this way.

Find threads where people discuss or seek content in your niche, and give them what they crave.

6. Upload to Tube Sites

Most adult video tubes let you upload watermarked videos. Cut and edit your videos, make teasers and highlights. Include a full video or two now and then, just make sure to watermark them with your website.

Always include links and keywords in the description. Also, try to use unique titles so it’s easy to find. Make frequent uploads to multiple popular tubes. Each one has millions of visits each day, don’t miss these free traffic opportunities.

7. Get Professional Help

SEO, link building, content creation, and advertising can be a lot of work. And there’s a lot of things to learn as well.

You may not be able to put in the necessary work on your own.

Professionals already know the mechanisms and tricks. Professionals have all the necessary tools and plenty of experience.

It’s a worthy investment, and you may see much better results than you would from a paid advertising campaign for the same cost.

Final Thoughts on Increasing Traffic to Adult Websites

As you can see, there are many ways to increase adult website traffic other than paid advertising.

Link building and SEO are something you need to keep up with for continued online success. You can’t just do it once and think you’re done.

It’s all a continuous process and you must be willing to put in the work or hire someone to do it for you.

If you need more help driving traffic to your adult websites, contact us here.