How to Boost Traffic to Your Adult Website


There’s one factor that determines the success of your adult website. It’s not the design, the number of advertisements you run, or the amount of time you spend promoting it. Traffic is the one thing that can lead you to either success or failure single-handedly.

Even a slick website with quality content will fail if it doesn’t get enough hits. On the other hand, a lean or mediocre website that gets a ton of traffic can easily be tweaked to make it even better.

Fortunately, getting more visitors to your site isn’t rocket science. It only takes time, energy, and experimentation. Below are some of our best tips for increasing hits to your adult website to improve your business.

Conduct an SEO Audit

Organic search traffic is one of the best ways to draw people to your website. It’s also an area that many people shy away from, believing they don’t have the technical expertise to do well in. But SEO isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Using a free SEO audit tool, you can determine how well your site is optimized. This lets you see which areas you can improve in, and which areas you are having success with. For example, you might have great backlinks, but need to improve your on-page website optimization.

Leverage Your Community

Adult websites are fairly niche. You won’t find as many as you might in a category like fitness or sports. While this might mean your potential for traffic is lower than it would be if your site was related to something else, it can also be beneficial, since it tends to create stronger bonds between members of the community.

There are plenty of ways you can help others in the adult website community, who will, in turn, support your efforts to get visitors. You might consider politely offering to guest post on a blog in exchange for allowing someone from another adult website to write a post on yours. This is a great way to build your visitor base and expand it into a specific adult niche, such as butt plugs or a specific type of lingerie.

Interact With Visitors

No one likes participating in a one-way conversation. This principle is especially true in the adult industry, where many consumers rely on other people to stimulate their imaginations and fantasies.

You should extend the same opportunity to your page visitors. Create polls or surveys asking them about what they’d like to see on your adult website. After creating and publishing content, make sure to solicit feedback to determine whether or not people appreciated it.

The more you can tailor your site’s content to input from your audience, the more likely it will be that your visitors will come back – and tell their friends to visit as well.

Test, Engage, and Network for More Traffic

While there are many other techniques you can use to gain visitors to an adult website, these three are a good foundation from which to start. For more info on how to improve your SEO or leverage social media for visitors, check out top resources and blogs.