7 Super Ways Social Influencers Boost Your Brand

Social Influencers

Keeping yourself or your brand moving and growing in a competitive market is ever-changing. With so many options of where you can promote your brand, it can get overwhelming.

Using a social influencer can make a huge difference in how your brand is perceived and how quickly it can grow. The ability to promote your company or product on many social platforms is just smart marketing.

What are social influencers? It’s someone who has established an authoritative voice and opinion that other social media users trust. They can take a product or brand and make it reach scores of potential clients and customers.

This social influencer is someone who already had a large audience and established themselves as an expert in certain fields and has proven to have sway on their followers.

Here are seven ways a social influencer can help you.

1. Find Social Influencers with Integrated Platforms

An influencer who only works on one platform is only reaching those using it. Someone who has integrated platforms and connected social media sites with many followers can spread the word so much further and faster.

It’s so easy to have all the sites you use connected to each other. Inviting followers from one site to the others just makes great marketing sense. Find the right influencer who can cross-promote your company.

2. Affiliate and Discount Programs

An influencer that has affiliations with other similar brands or services can help promote you to the top-of-the-line brands.

Use some kind of discount code or promotion can get you much more traffic and exposure.

Providing a link for visitors to click to receive free or discounted services or products is a great way to get them to visit your site. They can also share your promotion. You can also ask visitors to tag their friends and family who may be in the market for your product.

3. Product Testing and Reviews

Sending out your product or services to bloggers or other types of online reviews is a great way to get your name out in the mainstream. The tester receives free products or services and you receive a free review.

A positive review from a popular influencer can benefit you both and grow your online presence. It’s really a great way to promote. Influencers love to get free products and services, and the return is free advertising for your brand.

4. Functions and Events

An event is a great way to get your name in front of a lot of eyes at once. This can be done with an online event or an actual in-store promotion. This is an opportunity for many social influencers to gather and show off their own talents, as well.

Getting a well-known person, like a celebrity actor or chef, can make a huge difference. Working with someone like Ric Flair during a promotional event will help attract the type of audience you want.

5. Engage with More Than One Influencer

Connecting with one social influencer is great but connecting with several will always be better. Many times, they are all connected anyhow, so the more promotion and mentions you can get, the better it is for business.

This is particularly useful for product and service reviews. If one influencer isn’t giving you the results you want, another may take your product to the next level.

A less than ideal review or comment doesn’t mean the whole idea is bad, it just means it didn’t work for that particular influencer. That’s why it’s so beneficial to have as many opinions and promotions as you can.

6. Follow Me, Follow You

Connecting and following along through liking and sharing is how social media works and grows. If there’s an influencer you wish would follow you, follow them first. It’s important to engage with them and their followers in a positive way.

It’s easy to comment on something and gently lead them to your own site without seeming blatant, pushy or forceful. A small compliment can lead to many more coming back to you.

By following many users, you can also share their content on your social media platforms. You can find positive reviews or comments about your brand and share them to your sites, as well.

Association with powerful and established social media personalities gives you credibility.

7. Listen!

Listening to what influencers are saying about you and your brand is important. You should also listen to what they’re saying about your competitors, as well. You can just as easily learn from other people’s mistakes as your own.

Read your followers’ comments. They may not always be what you want to hear, but this information is important when growing your name. Bad reviews can give you great insight into what may be missing or not working.

Bad reviews are not always just people being mean towards your company. They’re expressing their honest opinion and should be taken seriously.

The Power of Social Influencers

It’s almost impossible to run your business without the engagement of social media. Many businesses have a person or team to do all of that for them, and so can you. There are many tools available for you to learn how best to promote your brand.

Many platforms are continually advancing their abilities to accommodate businesses, rather than just individual users. The reach and scope of potential customers are as big and wide as you need it to be. This is great news for business and social influencers.

You owe it to yourself and your business to look into connecting with social influencers to take your brand to the top!

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