5 Signs You Need to Hire an Expert SEO Service

So you’re a new business. You’ve tried to carve out a niche in the digital marketplace, but it’s been an uphill battle.

You know the first page of Google captures 71% of the traffic, but your site’s stuck on page five. You want to move it up, but you’re unsure if you need an SEO service.

It’s ok. We get it. The digital landscape is as rough as the physical one. We’re here to help smooth things over.

We’ve compiled five sure-fire signs you need to hire an SEO pro.

Your Site Doesn’t Show Up

Search for your business on Google. If it doesn’t show up in the top five results, or even the first page, you’ve found the first red flag.

Searchers today don’t want to sift through pages and pages of search results. They want their question answered immediately. If they can’t find you, they’ll go somewhere else.

So how does Google rank sites? Backlinks, link quality, keywords, content quality and relevancy, mobile compatibility, metadata, and the list goes on and on.

If even one of these parameters is missing or faulty, Google lowers your rank. Managing it all can seem mindboggling to you, but not to the experts.

They’ll take everything into account when comprising a strategy, increasing your rank and driving traffic to your site.

You’ve Received a Penalty

Like anything else in life, Google has rules. If you don’t follow them, Google will smack you with a penalty, lowering your rank until you fix it.

You may not have intended to incur a penalty, but Google doesn’t distinguish honest mistakes from cutting corners.

An SEO service can help identify your penalties and get you back in the game.

You Focus Solely on Content

If you search the Internet for SEO, you’ll likely stumble across the phrase “content is king.” While it’s true; if you focus only on pumping out content, your ranking won’t go up. After all, what’s a king without his court?

You need to elevate that content with appropriate keywords, sprinkled in the right amount. It should have backlinks to authority sites to convey its own authority. Images should have alt texts.

An expert can mold each of those aspects into a sound strategy, helping you rule the Internet.

You Don’t Know How to Analyze Your Site

How can you know what to fix if you can’t find the problem? The right feedback can show you what works and what doesn’t. But if all your only analysts are yourself and your mom, you won’t receive accurate data.

Google Analytics is a free software that shows your site’s performance. But if numbers look like gibberish to you, most SEO pros, like Digalitics in Spokane, can give your site a free audit.

They’ll simplify the numbers into terms you can understand. Click here for more.

You Lack the Time and the Know-How

There are never enough hours in the day, am I right? Running your business should be your priority. If you have to stop and become an SEO expert, your company could suffer.

An SEO expert keeps business moving. They’ve got all the know-how you need to be successful. All you have to know is how to work a phone.

Hiring the Right SEO Service

We’ve seen the red flags. If your site doesn’t show up; if you lack the knowledge and analysis; your penalties–they’re all signs you need help.

The only question now is who to call. You can start your research with a visit to our site. We have all the latest trends and tips in the industry.

Check us out today!