9 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a PPC Expert

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Customers who navigate to a website through a paid ad are 50% more likely to make a purchase.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising gives businesses of all industries an opportunity to craft compelling digital ads. Their advantage lies in their potential for high investment return.

What’s more, many PPC ads incorporate the same principles as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Business owners with a solid SEO campaign already in place can leverage these efforts by investing in PPC services.

Hiring a PPC expert can streamline paid digital advertising efforts and give you the results you need.

Before you hire a social media or Google AdWords expert, you should ask some key questions to ensure you’ll be investing in the right services. Read on for insight!

1. How Will You Manage Bids?

Pay-per-click advertising is a paid form of digital marketing that charges marketers per “click” of a digital ad. Whether or not a lead actually converts is beside the point–marketers shell out for individual clicks.

When crafting a PPC campaign, marketers have to select specific bids per ad. A bid designates the maximum amount a marketer is willing to pay per click.

Higher value ads will require higher bids, naturally.

The most effective PPC experts will be well-versed in bid management and selection, as this is interwoven with keyword and campaign selection. However, PPC agencies will vary in their approaches to bid management.

Some experts, for example, refer to business owners for bid management. Others have certain standards in place for communication about bid placement and terms.

Be sure that the PPC expert you choose will effectively manage bids in a way that suits your financial needs.

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2. What is Your Campaign Review Process Like?

Effective PPC campaigns must regularly be reviewed, just like any SEO campaign. PPC advertising is not implement-and-leave-it marketing.

A PPC expert will regularly review campaigns to ensure that they are driving the right results. He or she will also act upon these review sessions, honing campaigns in accordance with key metrics.

Avoid any PPC experts who don’t have a strategic plan for review. Similarly, stay away from individuals who claim to regularly review campaigns but do not offer insight into how they do this.

Another way to assess PPC review processes is to ask about what metrics experts prioritize when reviewing results.

3. How Do You Create Ad Copy?

PPC ad copy is the driving force behind paid advertising success. The best PPC experts will be well-versed in crafting relevant, high-value content designed to earn as many clicks as possible.

Every expert will have a different standard for ad copy. The best way to assess these standards is to ask how a PPC specialist creates this copy.

What research do they perform prior to generating ad copy? Do they test this copy? How do they ensure copy is high-value?

4. How Do You Accommodate Mobile Users?

Many mobile users make purchase decisions as a result of paid ads. An effective PPC campaign should always accommodate your mobile audience.

A Google search expert, in particular, should be well-versed in mobile PPC advertising. She should discuss mobile-specific ad copy, if applicable, and any extensions to be used to accommodate mobile users.

In fact, the best PPC experts will be able to craft a mobile-specific PPC campaign in accordance to your needs.

5. How Have Your Campaigns Grown in the Past?

This question is akin to grasping a PPC expert’s success rates. If client testimonials are not readily available, its answer can give you a sense of an expert’s viability.

Ask for a robust answer to this question. PPC experts offering a nuanced perspective of campaign growth–including data analysis, holistic digital marketing schema, and bid management–are more likely to give you the services you require than ones that simply claim to be successful.

In fact, the most proficient specialists will fully understand what campaign growth actually is and how it fits into your specific marketing aims.

6. What is Your Experience in Paid Search Advertising?

This may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to questioning a Google search expert. However, it is possible to hire a brand-new expert who is only moderately proficient in the lay of the PPC land.

Ask for more than total years worked in the industry. Inquire about an expert’s history in various roles of paid advertising, including their experience working for advertising agencies.

Now is also a great time to ask about Google AdWords expertise, knowledge, and general fluency.

7. What Strategies Do You Rely On?

The right PPC specialists will have a variety of high-performing strategies on hand, ones that can be tailored to suit your individual marketing needs. Effective PPC campaigns are not one-size-fits-all but personalized from company to company.

If you’re keen to hire an AdWords expert, ask for some examples of strategies they have used in the past to generate successful campaigns. Ask about what strategy will be most applicable to your situation given the information you have provided.

Look for a response that is robust and results-driven. Strategies should be comprehensive and composed of actionable steps.

8. What Are Your Recommended Channels?

It’s possible to run a PPC campaign without resorting to Google AdWords. In fact, a social media PPC campaign may be more ideal for a company than Google search PPC.

Ask your prospective specialist about the channels she would recommend for your campaign. Be skeptical of anyone that will say “AdWords” right off the bat–it’s important to hire a specialist well-versed in all PPC channels.

9. What Will Our Relationship Be Like?

This is a critical question to ask PPC experts prior to hiring. Every specialist will manage client relationships differently, and it’s important to choose one who will meet your standards of communication and performance.

Ask about how specialists will communicate with you (or your marketers) and how frequently. Also, ask about the nature of the relationship itself. Some are more collaborative, for example, than others.

Do not settle for anything less than your expectations.

What to Consider When Hiring a PPC Expert

Pay-Per-Click advertising can be a lucrative digital marketing solution, particularly for businesses that survive off of web traffic. If you’ve decided to hire a PPC expert, there are a few things to keep in mind before you make that hiring decision.

Assess the expert’s experience in paid search advertising, as well as her ad copy creation and review process. Discuss bid management and client-specialist relationship.

Get a good grasp on the expert’s strategic approach to campaign implementation before hiring.

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