The Importance of SEO For Dentist Practices

seo for dentist

Ever considered getting professional SEO services for your dental business? Not sure if a medical business even needs search engine optimization?

If you have a dental practice, finding new ways to advertise and attract patients is a major priority. SEO for dentist businesses is the modern solution given how most people are now online and on their phone.

Uncertain of the benefits you can reap by investing in SEO? Here are 7 reasons why SEO for dentists is important:

More Traffic, More Profits

The main purpose of conducting SEO for dentist offices is to raise profits. Some will say SEO is to increase traffic to your site but that’s not the end-goal. You could have thousands of new site visitors but if they don’t book an appointment for dental services, they’re all for naught.

With proper dentist SEO marketing, you’ll bring people to powerful landing pages that could convert them into paying patients.

Keep in mind that research shows no definitive formula to determine ROI increase from SEO efforts. There is a 33% increase in clicks to your site but only smart on-site SEO is going to convert those leads into customers.

Google is the Modern Yellow Pages

Another reason why SEO for dentists is important is that Google is now the modern yellow pages. People don’t look for business contact information or new establishments in a yellow book or newspaper anymore. Instead, folks now rely on the Internet to find a business or their address and number.

People will look online for local dentist offices, they’ll spend time reading Google or Yelp reviews, and will try to look you up on Facebook. Everything is now done online and you don’t want to be invisible to this crowd.

It’s Easier for Local Patients to Find You

Local SEO is the most important aspect of a small business like a dental office. You’re not trying to build a brand catering to the whole country – the goal should be to advertise your establishment to local customers who can drive down and avail of your services.

Did you know that 50% of mobile users will visit a business within 24 hours after searching for it on Google? 34% of desktop users do this too. This means if you improve your dental office’s website and SEO efforts, you can expect more walk-in patients from the local area.

People in the local area are now less likely to ask others in person for recommendations. Instead of asking a friend for a local dentist they can visit, they’re now more likely to look it up on Google. Without good SEO, these local patients will never see you.

Exposure to the Right Audience

Without conducting the right SEO strategy, you could accidentally market your dental office to patients halfway across the world, which is not your target audience.

A key component of good SEO is to focus your keywords, ads, links, and social media posts to people within the right local area. That’s only the beginning – the next step is to focus your SEO work to target potential patients or people who may need to visit dental businesses for a check-up.

SEO is also important to let people who’ve never been to the dentist recognize you’re the right choice for their first visit. Is this going to be their first time asking about braces or tooth extraction? You’ll want your site to remain visible on Google for them to find you and contact you.

Widens Your Business’ Reach

Is your business expanding? Can you now offer your dental services to people not only within the city but to folks within the surrounding 25 miles or the whole state?

This is why you need dentist SEO marketing. Without it, only the folks who walk past the street your business is at will know it exists or where it’s found. A strong SEO strategy will widen your reach, ensuring more people within a wide radius will discover your dental office and the services you offer.

Of course, achieving this level of effective SEO is not easy. This is why hiring professional services, like the folks at, is crucial to broadening your business’ scope.

Compete Against the Competition

How many other dentist offices are in your local area? How many of them also have a website reaching out to today’s online crowd?

Your dental office might have more accomplished dentists, better equipment, and more affordable price packages but the competition could find more success than you due to their SEO efforts.

Conducting SEO will help you take a peek at your competition. Using the right SEO tools, like SEMrush and SpyFu, will let you check which keywords other dental offices rely on to improve their site’s local rank. You can discover how much traffic they get and where they turn to for external and internal link building.

SEO Helps You Cater to a Specific Niche

Want to focus on bringing in people who never went to a dentist before? Do you want to reach out solely to people living below the minimum wage? Are you hoping to advertise yourself as a dentist who specializes in major surgeries like jaw repairs and denture implants?

With good SEO, you can accomplish this. You can define your SEO strategy so that people in those specific niches will find you. You won’t have to waste time and effort weeding through the other patients you know you won’t respond to.

SEO can help you advertise a specific side to your dental business to a specific niche crowd. Don’t want to offer general dental service and you want to focus only on dental surgeries? With SEO, you can achieve this.

Improve SEO for Dentist Office Today!

With effective SEO for dentist practices, you can bring in new patients on a regular basis. You can cater your services to niche customers and ensure people in your local area find you.

But understanding why SEO is important and getting it done right are two different things. Visit us today and we can help you improve your SEO efforts. We have multiple posts to help reach specific SEO goals, like this one that tackles SEO tips to boost traffic.