Top 5 WordPress Real Estate Plugins

wordpress real estate plugin

What’s the best WordPress real estate plugin?

If your real estate website doesn’t stand out from the competition, you could be losing clients. WordPress real estate plugins can help make your site more interesting, professional, and easy to use. However, not all plugins are created equal – how can you decide which ones to install?

In this guide, we’ll go over the WordPress real estate plugins that can make your site shine. Keep reading to learn which ones are worth adding to your site!

How to Make Your WordPress Real Estate Website

A WordPress real estate plugin can add great value to your site – but first, you need the site itself. Let’s take a quick look at how to use WordPress to build your site, and why it’s a great choice.

Many real estate sites use WordPress to publish listings and attract new customers. There’s a reason to choose WordPress – it’s the most popular way to create a website worldwide. It’s not hard to use, even for beginners. It also offers tons of flexibility so you can completely customize your site.

There are actually two kinds of WordPress to know about. The hosted version is, while the self-hosted version is Many people prefer to use since it lets them use all kinds of features without the restrictions that come with .com sites.

When you start your site, you need to choose the perfect domain name and have website hosting. Then, you can build the site from the bottom up.

Building your site includes using plugins. These allow you to add extra features and customizations to your site, making a better experience for anyone who visits it. Whether you are an independent realtor or a real estate investor, let’s take a look at some of the top WordPress real estate plugins.

1. IMPress Listings

Many people consider this the top WordPress real estate plugin.

This plugin is super easy for beginners to use, but it offers plenty of flexibility that advanced site builders love, too. It’s mobile responsive, which is super important for any modern website. It also lets you include images, video, and any other details you want for your listings.

Your listings will get displayed in an attractive grid format, and on a single listing page, your site’s visitors can get all the information they need to move forward. The built-in contact form lets them get in touch with you directly if they want to.

2. WP-Property

This is another great WordPress real estate plugin for general use. The interface allows you to easily add and manage listings as needed. It also makes it easy to add details about your listings, with specific fields for things like bathrooms, rooms, features, and area.

The listings will be attractively displayed on your site, and if you visit the plugin’s site, you can also download and use some of their free themes. It has a great filtered search feature, supports Google Maps, and comes in multiple languages with easy translation.

If you want to, you can use the shortcode and sidebar widgets to display your listings on different parts of your website, too.

3. Estatik

This real estate management plugin is also a popular way to organize your listings on your site. The built-in property management system lets you add listings to your site with ease.

Use this plugin’s search widget, photo gallery, Google Maps support, and multilingual support to make your site super-easy for customers to use. With the search feature, users will be able to organize listings by date, popularity, and price. If you need more features, you can buy add-ons from the developer.

4. Easy Property Listings

This super customizable real estate WordPress plugin lets you build your site with no coding knowledge at all. You’ll be able to keep whatever theme you have, too.

The listing management interface is really easy for beginners to use, so managing your properties is a breeze. The listing templates are mobile-friendly, and you can choose a grid format or a single page format.

You can also buy extensions to add other features to this plugin, such as a directory of real estate agents.

5. WP Real Estate

This is a somewhat newer plugin, but it comes with lots of great features and is also good for rental properties.

You’ll love the Google Maps compatibility, advanced search feature, custom fields, contact forms, and grid or list layout options. You can also use the built-in widgets and shortcodes to display your listings, or even create unique landing pages for different individual properties.

6. Real Estate Pro

This plugin comes with automatically configured pages, settings, and templates. This means that it already looks great before you’ve made any adjustments at all.

It also gives nice, clean-looking listings with gorgeous images. People can use PayPal or Stripe to make purchases with this plugin. It’s mobile responsive and even integrates with MailChimp.

4. WP Amortization Calculator

Some themes have built-in calculator tools. If yours doesn’t, though, you’ll benefit from adding a calculator plugin like this one.

This gives your clients a tool they need to use, so they won’t navigate away from your site to find a calculator.

5. WPL Real Estate

The WPL Real Estate plugin WordPress is great for agencies that have a number of agents. This plugin allows you to list your agents, and also offers advanced search options and map views of listings.

Post information about your agents and their photos, so clients will know who they’re going to be working with. It works well with most themes, although it also comes with compatible themes. It also offers great customer support.

Which WordPress Real Estate Plugin is Right For You?

The right WordPress real estate plugin for your site depends on a number of different factors. Once you know what your priorities are and what theme you’re working with, you can easily choose between the options on this list.

Some plugins will shape your website overall, while others, like the calculator plugin, can be added on to make your site even better. Looking for more ways to improve your site? Try our free SEO audit tool here.