5 Tips for Choosing a Killer PPC Agency

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Are you thinking about launching a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign?

PPC advertising gives businesses of all shapes and sizes a cost-effective means of promoting their services and products online.

PPC ads have the potential for massive returns on investment, particularly those set up through Google Adwords.

The most effective PPC campaigns are handled by industry experts. For this reason, it’s essential to seek out a PPC agency to take care of your digital marketing needs.

In this post, we’ll discuss what you can keep in mind for selecting a killer PPC agency!

Read on for insight.

What is a PPC Agency?

A Pay-Per-Click agency is a team of professionals devoted to assisting businesses with their digital marketing needs. An agency specializes in PPC advertising, helping business owners create, manage, and optimize paid digital marketing campaigns.

A PPC agency is likely to be fluent in all kinds of paid online ads, including social media and Google AdWords. Unlike independent marketing consultants, agents are often composed of multiple experts and advisors who can manage tailored campaigns.

Most PPC agencies are remote and digitally based, meaning that they can manage paid ad campaigns for businesses all around the globe. Others, however, are local, brick-and-mortar businesses that work specifically with community-based clients.

It is possible to work with PPC professionals within a larger digital marketing agency itself. If you have your eyes on a digital marketing agency, be sure to spend extra time assessing the quality of their PPC department.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you go about assessing PPC agencies.

1. Prioritize Industry Experience

There are scores of PPC and digital marketing agencies out there, and more keep cropping up with every passing year. For this reason, you can easily weed out lesser qualified candidates by prioritizing agencies with industry experience.

Industry experience means that an agency is firmly anchored in the PPC world. An experienced agency will have years of digital marketing expertise, years of client history, and professionals fluent in PPC management.

We’re not discrediting PPC agencies that are new to the market. After all, great institutions have to begin somewhere.

However, the world of PPC is constantly in flux. Paid ads have been around since the late 90s, and given the surge in digital advertising in the last decade, they’ll continue to adapt to industry trends.

When researching PPC agencies, inspect agency websites to learn more about their history in digital marketing. If you have a consultation with a representative, ask how long the agency has been in PPC and/or digital advertising.

Read staff profiles to assess how fluent team members are in PPC.

Avoid any agencies that are new to the scene, as well as ones that can’t prove relevant industry experience.

2. Look for Dedicated Digital Marketers

The best PPC agency will be devoted to more than just the success of a single paid ad. PPC marketers understand all of the factors that influence the impact of paid ads, including digital content, landing pages, keyword optimization, and social media presence.

It’s important to invest in services that will make your paid ads truly deliver. But it’s equally important to work with an agency that understands the bigger picture of PPC–and can integrate this into every individual campaign.

Look for dedicated digital marketers, not just PPC agents, when browsing agencies. Chat with a representative if possible to learn more about an agency’s commitment to digital marketing as a whole.

See if certain agencies offer more than basic campaign management. What does an agency do for landing pages, for example? Does the agency handle SEO or at least provide advising for optimization?

3. Inspect Testimonials and Portfolios

Don’t walk into any agreement without checking out an agency’s reviews. Client testimonials can be incredibly valuable as you research viable PPC agencies.

Navigate to agency websites and look for client testimonials. You may also be able to find reviews on platforms like Yelp. Look for agencies with extensive, frequent positive reviews.

Also look for reviews that are recent. In many cases, agencies change management and dated reviews may not speak to the current client experience.

Professional agencies will also display a portfolio of their work, either in the form of data or testimonials. If a particular agency does not showcase a portfolio on its website, reach out to ask for one.

4. Compare Offers

It may be tempting to jump on the first offer you receive from an agency, particularly if it seems cost-effective. However, it is essential to gather a few offers from multiple agencies and compare these.

Every agency is likely to offer a different package, rates, and extent of services. Compare these offers as a whole and do your best not to get caught up in cost alone.

In many cases, the most competitive offers may be the most expensive, particularly if they give a business a better approach to campaign management.

5. Keep the Future in Mind

As you browse agencies, keep your own marketing needs in mind as a company. How long do you foresee needing digital marketing services? What growth do you expect to have in your company in the near future?

Some PPC agencies are more interested in longterm relationships than others. If you are looking for a service that scales for growth and prioritizes lengthy relationships, that’s one thing. A brief excursion with Google AdWords is quite another.

Have a conversation with an agency representative about your own advertising needs and the agency’s expectations. Don’t make a decision until you feel confident that a PPC agency can deliver on the full timeline of your marketing needs.

Final Thoughts: Choosing a Killer PPC Agency

Paid advertising can be an asset to businesses seeking a cost-effective means of drawing organic traffic to their digital platforms. While it is possible to take your PPC campaigns into your own hands, turning to the pros can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a flop.

Find the best PPC agency by doing your research well, identifying your own marketing needs, and prioritizing agencies with industry experience. Be sure to compare packages and offers of multiple agencies.

PPC is about more than crafting a powerful Google Ad. It has much to do with your existing content and your business’s scalability. Identify an agency that can truly give you what you need in this regard.

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