10 SEO Experts You Should Be Following

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As more businesses depend on their online success, businesses of every size are searching for expert search engine optimization (SEO) specialists. You don’t want to be swayed by supposed top SEO experts that use black hat tactics. For real success, you want to stay up to date with the best of the best when it comes to SEO.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 SEO experts whose blog and websites you should be clicking on every day!

1. Rand Fishkin

If you’re trying to learn from the best SEO in the world, odds are you’ve visited Moz.com quite a few times.

Well, it should come as no surprise that one of the top SEO experts is no other than Rand Fishkin, one of the co-founders of Moz.

Fishkin began his journey with SEO at its infancy. Since he’s been in the field for years, his priceless insights, ingenious strategies, and blunt and honest writing style have made him one of the most beloved figures online. Check out his blog and don’t forget to read one of his most insightful, personal, and well-written pieces A Long, Ugly Year of Depression That’s Finally Fading.

2. Brian Dean

If you’re often perusing the latest articles on SEO, you’ve probably stumbled across Brian Dean before. Dean is often quoted in articles all over the web.

Brian Dean is one of the busiest SEO experts in the field. He balances working remotely with his training business, blogging, running Backlinko, and providing insight to some of the top SEO outlets.

What makes Dean such a valued member of the SEO community is that he practices what he preaches. His company, Backlinko, is a trusted training and link building site that’s even had Neil Patel’s stamp of approval!

See what Brian Dean’s up to by following his blog!

3. Danny Sullivan

If you’re looking for the latest advice from Google SEO expert, we know that Search Engine Land is your go-to source. It’s no wonder that the founding editor, Danny Sullivan, is a trusted SEO expert.

His articles on Search Engine Land are packed full of the latest tips, tricks, news, and trends. He’s a bonafide expert that has been a journalist and analyst for digital and search marketing since 1996. You can follow Sullivan on Facebook and Twitter for his latest SEO tips for your business.

4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most recognized names in the wide world of SEO for good reason.

Patel is busy dipping into many different pies, all of which serves as the expert he now is. As an author, entrepreneur, and the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar, it’s safe to say that Neil Patel is a busy guy.

Despite all of his projects, he still manages to regularly update his personal blog and provide insight and analysis on SEO and content marketing. Check out Neil Patel’s blog where he provides incredible tips and tricks that can be easily incorporated into your businesses strategy.

5. Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz is a fellow news editor at Search Engine Land with Danny Sullivan. As the founder of the Search Engine Roundtable, he provides daily SEO tips to help businesses make a big impact online.

His twitter feed is chalk full of some of the most ingenious trends and insights for today’s modern, digital landscape.

6. Bruce Clay

When you think of the top SEO experts, Bruce Clay should be on your list. He’s been in the field since 1996 and has shown no signs of slowing.

Clay was brilliant from the beginning. In 1996, he recognized that SEO was the future for online success and web design. Once anticipating that eventual need, he created some of the first diagnostic tools for SEO, offered training courses, and he is still neck deep in the SEO pool.

He continues to post on his company’s blog and provides decades of insight for businesses just venturing into SEO.

7. Ann Smarty

Her name certainly fits her skill set! Ann Smarty is an SEO and content marketing master that has been in the field for more than a decade.

She’s a common contributor to some of the most beloved publications in the industry including Mashable, Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Search Engine Journal.

You can also catch her on her aptly named blog SEO Smarty where she dishes on SEO tips, link building, and content marketing.

8. Eric Enge

Stone Temple Agency has solidified itself as one of SEO’s most trusted leaders. Backed by a trusted team of more than 70 analysts and personnel, Stone Temple is busy researching the latest tactics and sharing their findings.

CEO and founder Eric Enge stays busy at his company that’s been recognized by Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes for its astounding research on machine learning. Enge is also one of Stone Temple’s lead authors. Check out Enge’s blog and get the latest SEO tips!

9. Debra Mastaler

As far as the top SEO experts go, Debra Mastaler is the best of the best.

As the founder and president of Alliance-Link, Mastaler has made her name as the best link building specialist in the industry. Committed to sharing her work, you can often find her scheduled at industry conferences where she expounds on the importance of link building.

10. Gianluca Fiorelli

It seems only fitting that we started with a Moz founder and end with a Moz associate.

As an SEO consultant and inbound strategist, Fiorelli has made his name in the wide world of great content. His in-depth knowledge of SEO has allowed him to blend the technical side with great narratives.

While he no longer updates his blog, he’s very active on social media. Follow him on Twitter for his SEO insights.

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