Top 5 SEO Solutions to Help Your Startup Rank

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Businesses are always looking for great SEO tools and strategies to get a leg up on their competitors. But what if you are a startup that is just trying to rank and bring in new clients? What are the best SEO solutions?

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple but effective methods that can make a big difference for your website.

Read on to learn the top five SEO solutions that will help your startup rank.

Provide High Quality Content

Studies indicate that people’s attention spans are getting shorter. Even if you don’t believe those statistics, it’s still important to make sure your site stands out among the roughly one billion sites on the web.

You don’t just want people to visit your site. You want them to stay on it as long as possible. Do this by providing them with high quality, helpful content.

In most cases, the more useful your content is the longer it will be. Try to create posts anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500 words.

Use numerous keywords and place both outbound and inbound links throughout the post. Make yourself seem like an authority on the subject.

Also, solid content will encourage people to bookmark your site, which betters your SEO ranking in Google.

Keyword Research

Target keywords that are worth your time. You may need to get less general and more specific.

For example, a site like Biz Latin Hub Group may not be able to rank highly for the term “economy.” However, if they make the economy of a particular country their keyword, they may have a better chance to rank for that.

Discover which keywords in your industry deliver the most traffic. See if you’ll be able to rank for them by examining traffic data for different search queries with tools like Google Analytics.

Increase Page Load Speed

People won’t stick around your site to read good content if they have to wait longer than usual for a page to load.

Delays of one second or even tenths of a second could hurt your business, especially because Google considers page load speed when ranking websites.

Increase your site’s page load speed with simple measures. Cache plug-ins, ensure the site’s code is clean and concise, and minimize redirects.


No one likes to read a wall of text or navigate a site that is cluttered and confusing. Be as user-friendly as possible when constructing your layout and formatting your content.

Utilize header tags to break your posts up into specific sections. Pick a font size and type that is appealing and easy for customers to read. Write in short paragraphs with a sufficient amount of space in between them.

These simple tips will help keep visitors on your site.

Image Optimization

The format and size of an image within a post is crucial. However, it’s beneficial to utilize all SEO aspects of an image.

Indicate that your content is about a specific subject to search engines by inserting keywords for your image file name, alt tag, title, description, and even caption.

Going Forward With These SEO Solutions

Keep these SEO solutions in mind as you continue to build your brand and attract new customers.

Each one of these strategies is important in its own way. They work together to help your startup site rank and bring in as many visitors as possible.

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