10 Tips for Generating Ideas for Blog Content

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There are more than 30 million Americans who blog on a regular basis. And they all face a long list of challenges when it comes to keeping their blogs up and going.

Whether blogging for fun or blogging for business, many bloggers struggle to update their blogs every few days like they should. Many bloggers also have a hard time incorporating solid SEO strategies into their work in an effort to give their blogs a boost on Google.

But the biggest challenge of all for bloggers might just be coming up with fresh blog post ideas every time they sit down at their computers. It can be almost impossible to generate new blog ideas at times, especially if you put up several blogs every week.

Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to create great blog content ideas for your website. Here are 10 tips to help you do it.

1. Ask Your Readers for Blog Post Ideas

If you’ve been running your blog for a long time now, there’s a good chance you’ve built up a faithful following of readers. Use it to your advantage!

Reach out to your readers, either through a blog post or through email, and ask them what they want to see on your blog. They might have some good blog content ideas that you can put into action.

If nothing else, it’ll show you’re committed to providing your readers with the kind of content they want to read. Even if they don’t send you ideas now, they might send some in the future.

2. Scan the Comments Section of Your Blog to See What Readers Are Discussing

As a blogger, you might not feel comfortable asking your audience for blog post ideas. You are, after all, supposed to be the one coming up with amazing topics day in and day out.

If this is the case for you, scan the comments section of your blog to come up with post ideas. You’ll be able to see what topics appear to be of interest to your readers by taking a look at what they’re discussing in your comments section.

Taking this approach is a good way to gauge the interests of your readers without asking them directly.

3. Find Out What People Are Searching For on Google

Open up Google and start typing out a topic related to your blog into the search box. You’ll see a bunch of frequently searched phrases related to your topic pop up.

You very may have covered some of these phrases in the past in some capacity. But there’s a chance you may have missed an easy topic idea by not trying this out sooner.

This technique will likely give you a few good blog post ideas at once. It’ll also show you what people are searching for when they turn to Google to search for the topic related to your blog. This will increase your chances of people finding your blog organically later.

4. Search Social Media to Discover What People Are Saying About Certain Topics

People turn to Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media to discuss all kinds of topics. Chances are, there are people out there talking about the topics you cover on your blog most often.

Log on to the various social media platforms and perform a simple search of whatever topics you want. Within just seconds, you’ll get access to dozens of tweets and status updates pertaining to the topics. Check out what people are saying about these topics in real-time and use it to generate blog content ideas.

5. Read Books About the Issues You Discuss on Your Blog

If you’re not reading books about the topics you cover on your blog on a consistent basis, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to come up with a lot of post ideas.

Even if you spend most of your waking hours on the internet, close your laptop and put down your tablet from time to time so that you can pick up a book. It’ll be great for both you and your blog.

6. See What Other Bloggers Who Cover Similar Topics Are Writing About

Unless your blog covers a super obscure topic, there are probably lots of other bloggers out there covering the same general topic as you. Bookmark their websites and visit them early and often when you’re hard up for blog post ideas.

Don’t blatantly steal ideas from other bloggers. Rather, take their ideas and expand upon them to create your own ideas for your blog. By putting your own spin on things, you can create original content for yourself.

7. Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas With Your Fellow Bloggers

Are you friendly with a lot of other bloggers? They probably know your pain when it comes to not being able to come up with any good blog post ideas.

Invite one or two of them to grab a cup of coffee with you and ask them if they’d be willing to brainstorm blog content ideas with you. Then, think of ideas for them and they’ll be happy to do the same for you in return.

8. Check Out What’s Happening in the News

Checking out what’s taking place in the news every day is another simple way to create content for your website without trying too hard. Look for stories related to the topics you cover on your blog and turn them into posts.

9. Look Back at Your Early Blogs and Consider Repurposing Them

Go back and re-read the first 10 or 20 blogs that you ever put together for your website. Are there things you could update in those blogs, or do you feel differently now about the topics touched on in those blogs than you did back then?

It’s easy to take an old blog topic and make it new again by approaching it from a fresh angle.

10. Take a Short Break From Your Blog to Recharge

Bloggers need to blog as often as they can to run a successful website. Their readership will dry up if they aren’t updating their blogs regularly.

But with that being said, you’re not going to be a very effective blogger if you’re completely burnt out. So if you just can’t manage to come up with any interesting blog post ideas at all, you might need a break.

Take a day or two to yourself and do something other than blogging. You might be surprised by how many great ideas you’re able to generate when you’re not trying so hard to do it.

Start Coming Up With Quality Blog Post Ideas Today

It can be difficult to come up with great blog post ideas all the time. It’s a problem that plagues so many bloggers.

But by utilizing the tips and techniques you see here, you should be able to keep the blog content ideas coming consistently. It’ll benefit your blog in a big way and keep your readers more engaged than ever before.

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