7 Blogging Tips for Starting a New Mom Blog

new mom blog

Being a mom is one of the best things someone can experience in their life. The rewards are endless.

But what can also feel endless are those days when your children are being difficult, frustrating, or downright disgusting. You need help.

No one can go it alone. Which is why many of us turn to blogs.

But as a mom, you have a lot to share with the rest of us. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own blog for mother’s, now is a great time to begin.

To help you get started, here are seven blogging tips for starting a new mom blog.

1. Determine Your Brand For Your New Mom Blog

When it comes to starting a new mom blog, the sky is the limit on topics you can write about.

But if you try to tackle everything, your audience will probably end up feeling confused and lose interest. Instead, find your niche.

You can do that by branding yourself. Figure out what your favorite topic of motherhood is and make yourself an expert on it.

Determine what makes you different from every other mom blogger out there. You’ll find other parents who share similar values will naturally gravitate toward your blog.

Branding also helps with SEO. The more the internet recognizes your logo, your writing, and you, the more likely you are to show up in search results.

2. Make Time In Your Schedule To Write

Consistency is key when it comes to starting a mommy blog. If you only write every once in a blue moon, your followers and search engines will grow bored with you.

You have to write at least once a week or every other week. That way, Google and other search engines can pick up your new content.

You’ll also find that your followers stay interested in the work you’re producing and continue to be loyal to your content.

To help ensure that you continue producing quality content, schedule time to write during the week. If you have smaller children at home, either put them down for naps, hire a sitter, or set boundaries to not disturb while mommy is working.

3. Do It Because You Enjoy It

One of my favorite tips to share with new mommy bloggers is to only write a blog if you truly enjoy it.

Otherwise, how you truly feel about blogging will show up in your writing. A blog should only be written because the blogger really enjoys doing it.

Don’t waste your time on projects you don’t enjoy. First off, you’re not setting a good example for your own kids.

Secondly, it’s a waste of time and energy to focus on something you don’t enjoy doing.

And poorly written content doesn’t do well on search engines. You can’t fake it with Google nor can you fake it with other parents.

4. Figure Out Your Best Keywords And Phrases

Since you’re obviously not the only one writing blogs for new moms, you’ll have to set yourself apart from the pack.

You can easily do that by figuring out the best keywords and keyword phrases that work for your content.

Not only will it help other parents find your blog when they do a keyword search, but Google and other search engines will rank your site much higher.

Make sure to use keywords that help you find an audience but aren’t overly used.

5. Share On Social Media

One of the tips for new bloggers we always like to share is to get yourself on social media.

Social media is a great way for others to find out about your work. Don’t forget to add social media buttons at the end of every blog article you write.

The more shareable your content is, the more likely it is to be shared and passed around for others to enjoy.

Make sure that your profile stays within your brand. You want the same photos and information on your blog to show up on social media so you’re recognizable.

And don’t forget that it’s easy and very inexpensive to take out ads on social media. On Facebook, you can do an ad for as little as $1 per day.

Don’t forget to use photography and videos in your blog to attract viewers.

While people on the internet, in general, are more attracted to sites with photos and videos, it’s even truer on social media sites.

6. Learn Where To Promote Your Blog

When you’re starting a new mommy blog, it’s important to figure out where you can find opportunities to promote your blog.

Social media is definitely one great option but there are others.

You can do a guest post on another influencer’s site. You can also use external links to improve your SEO and further set yourself up as an expert in parenting.

Affiliate marketing is another option many bloggers choose. Banners and pay-per-click are other ways to promote your blog.

Just don’t allow your site to be overrun with advertising as it’s a turn-off to your readers and search engines alike.

And make sure that those you do business with or partner with are legitimately interested in helping you promote your blog, not just earning a dime.

7. Do An SEO Audit

There are a lot of blogging tips we could share, but doing an SEO audit is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways you can determine how to generate extra traffic and income.

An audit will tell you exactly what is and isn’t working on your site. Immediately fix what isn’t working.

If your site is too slow, you’ll lose your audience. If you’re selling anything and the check-out process is difficult or it’s not secure, you’ll lose the trust of your customers.

Make sure your site is safe and ready for business.

Keep Learning

Even if you’ve had your new mom blog for a few years, there is always something new to learn.

The way search engines and people use the internet keeps changing. The rules do too.

To help you keep up with the latest website optimization rules, keep coming back to our site.