How to Turn 500 Twitter Followers into 5,000

500 twitter followers

Social media is one of the most effective tools available to all businesses. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you run or how large of a budget you’re working with, thanks to tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’re able to create strong connections with consumers.

Such connections are the result of many small, instant interactions that happen online every day. They happen when people love what you post on Facebook or the witty hashtags you come up with on Twitter. They care about and can easily relate to what you have to say.

But, the more amount of followers you have, the more powerful these efforts are. If you only have 500 Twitter followers, you have some serious work to do.

Use the following tips to transform your audience from a small group to a large crowd.

Take Your Time to Set Things up

Did you recently open your company’s Twitter account? Have you been trying to succeed with it for a while, but can’t seem to get the hang of this social platform? Either way, the first step to get Twitter followers is to think about your brand.

Not just your company’s brand as a whole – your Twitter brand. Focus on hooking people from the start by making them interested in what you have to say right away. You can accomplish this with the two steps below.

Choosing a Profile Photo and Header Image

There are two main options you have when it comes to a company profile photo: keep it simple by using your logo, or do something a little more interesting that’s still easy to understand.

Your logo makes you instantly recognizable to someone who already knows a bit about your brand. Users will often catch sight of this before they even read your Twitter handle. Plus, this helps build brand recognition across the board.

But, if you run a solo operation or you’d rather make someone the face of your business, get a clear headshot to use as the profile photo. This is a more personal way of doing things that users may respond positively to as well.

Don’t forget you also get a header image. Maybe stick with your logo for the profile image then get a team photo for the header.

Writing Your Summary

Your summary is all about who you are and what you do. But, it should be more fun than just a traditional pitch you’d give a potential client or partner in person. Include a bit of company culture or where you’re located to give users some information they may not already know about you.

Be sure to include a link to your website on your page summary, too.

Tweet for Quality, Not Quantity

Once you’ve tweaked your profile’s appearance, focus on the nitty gritty – what are you actually talking about when you Tweet? You have to write for quality instead of quantity to get more likes and retweets, which help expand your audience.

Think about Twitter in the same way you’d approach a face-to-face conversation. No one’s going to listen if you don’t have something valuable to bring to the table. If you’re spitting out something that’s already been said or just trying to meet some sort of quota of tweets, you’re doing things wrong.

Turn your approach around by focusing on new innovations in your industry, and don’t be afraid to talk about some topics outside of your daily business operations, too. This is your space to chime in on anything from the score of last night’s championship game to breaking news in your area to national/global news that people are talking about.

News conversations don’t have to be too political if you prefer to stay neutral. But, the bright side of speaking your mind as a business is being able to connect with users through a common cause.

Schedule Your Tweets

Tweets based on current events or trending topics are usually spontaneous. You can’t plan for what the president is going to say next week or what the score of a game is going to be.

You can plan to talk about new products, press releases, and conferences, though. These are tweets you should schedule. They help you spread your tweets by getting the practical stuff out of the way and giving you time to focus on the here and now.

The less you’re worried about what to caption your image of a product sneak peak, the more you can follow trending topics and offer your two cents to popular online conversations.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Whether you’re scheduling tweets or writing something on the fly, the key is to engage. Engagements aren’t just retweets and likes, or following more accounts and giving a shoutout here or there.

There are more direct, effective ways to connect with your audience. Here are some of the top three.

Comment on Already Existing Threads

This point has been mentioned above but it cannot be stressed enough. You don’t always have to be the starter of a conversation to benefit from it.

Did a publication in your industry just tweet an article that everyone’s talking about? Do you have something to say about a customer experience someone posted for a product (that’s not your own) that you use, too?

Talk about them. Offer support or a counterargument to what people are already saying and watch what kind of results happen. Just be sure you’re offering value!

Hashtag Current Events and Live Updates

If a thread seems interesting but you’d rather make your own point about the topic, make it as relevant as possible by using hashtags. This way, when someone searches for the #RoyalWedding or #NHLPlayoffs, they will see your tweet. This alone may be the extra exposure you’ve been needing to go from 500 Twitter followers to your first thousand and more.

Reach Out to Followers and Influencers

Another thing you can do to build more engagement and exposure is to tweet to other people. Tweet something back to a user who mentioned you in their tweet or mention an influencer within your industry. You can even try reaching out to celebrities or other large companies.

You can write a question, send praise, or further expand on a topic they’ve tweeted about. All this has to do is get their attention. One retweet from an account with a large following is enough to multiply your own followers significantly.

Turning 500 Twitter Followers into 5,000

Regardless of how many digital audience members you end up having from your first 500 Twitter followers, always keep one thing in mind: your online reputation.

Your reputation really is everything when it comes to business. It goes hand in hand with your brand, and if your reputation is tarnished, it’s only a matter of time before the whole business goes down, too.