8 Opensource Web Design Software Tools

opensource web design software

What’s better than high-quality web design software? High-quality web design software that you don’t have to pay for. And lucky for us, there’s lots of it.

It’s becoming easier all the time to design websites without shelling out tons of cash. And that means it’s becoming easier for regular people to become skilled web designers. So where does one begin when navigating the world of opensource web design software?

In this article, we outline eight of our favorites. Start with these and you’ll be on your way to web design mastery.

1. Lucidchart

Most things in web design start with a wireframe. It’s the first step in the creative process and it defines the boundaries for the rest of your design.

That’s why you need great wireframing functionality, and that’s exactly what Lucidchart offers.

But Lucidchart isn’t your typical bare-bones piece of open source software. It gives you the ability to create almost any chart you can imagine, from process maps to network diagrams. And it also comes with a suite of features that facilitate collaboration, making it the perfect wireframing software for team projects.

2. Feather

If you’re a seasoned web designer, you know every little detail matters. And no detail is more overlooked than the humble icon. But that’s where Feather comes in.

Feather is an online database of open source icons. Now, of course, we know that it isn’t exactly a software tool. But we promise it’s extremely useful deserves to be on this list.

That’s because the icons on Feather are absolutely stunning, or at least as stunning as icons can be. Just add a few Feather icons to your design and watch how stylish it becomes. You’ll never have to design your own icon again.


When you need to alter an image, look no further than GIMP.

GIMP’s a classic. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of it, but it’s too important to be left off this list.

Since 1996, it’s been providing quality image manipulations to all the unwashed masses who can’t afford Photoshop. And while it’s certainly not as powerful as Photoshop, it’s a great tool for beginners and for experts who just need to do basic manipulation.

4. Krita

If you really want to make digital art, Krita is the software for you. While it’s incredibly useful for web design, it can be so much more than that. People have made some really incredible stuff with this software (just Google it).

Think of it like Microsoft Paint on hyperdrive. It’s similar in style, but it has thousands and thousands of features. You can even download it onto your tablet to use it in conjunction with a stylus.

Of course, Krita is great for more down-to-earth applications as well. Basically, anytime you’re creating a piece of your design from scratch, look to Krita. It’s the best open source art software out there.

5. Visual Studio Code

Yes, this is the Visual Studio Code made by Microsoft, making it by far the least sexy tool on this list. But that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. In fact, having used it extensively ourselves, we downright enjoy coding in Visual Studio Code.

Its real advantage, however, is in its ability to interface with other Microsoft products. And, whether you like it or not, if you want to be a web designer you’re going to have to interface with other Microsoft products eventually.

6. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is an old-fashioned piece of software, just like writing good HTML is an old-fashioned art form. But if you want to practice your fundamentals, this is the program for you.

CoffeeCup offers a robust and detailed HTML editor along with a live updating display. In other words, it’s an HTML sandbox. While that may sound juvenile, we think you’ll find its simplicity very comforting in this world of bloated applications and confusing CMS.

And beyond its homely appeal, CoffeeCup comes with a wide variety of HTML templates to get you started on any web design project you can imagine.

7. GrapesJS

Do you want to build your own HTML templates but you don’t want to code? Then, GrapesJS is the software for you.

You can best take advantage of GrapesJS by using it as part of a bigger project. It allows you to use a CMS style user interface to create individual templates. Then, you can stick these templates into your larger project.

In a way, it’s a big step toward a future without coders, for better or for worse…

8. Sizzy

Sizzy, like Feather, isn’t an actual piece of software. But again, it’s just so useful we had to include it.

It allows you to test your website’s functionality across a range of devices and browsers in one go. Simply insert your URL and the Sizzy site will show you how your site looks on every major browser and every major device.

You can alter the settings on each device, bring the keyboard up, flip the screen into landscape mode, all from the Sizzy website. And despite all that, the website is extremely fast.

Comprehensive testing has never been easier.

More Opensource Web Design Software

Those are some of our favorite examples of opensource web design software, but of course, that barely scratches the surface. There are plenty of selfless programmers out there providing a lot of great content to the community. Get out there and look for it, and donate to your favorites if you have the means.

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