Geofencing Technology and How it Can Help Boost Local SEO

geofencing technology

Geofencing technology is an advanced local SEO technique that’s based on GPS signals and radio frequency to track location. It allows businesses to communicate with potential customers’ devices like cell phones, tablets, and even desktop computers when they are within a particular distance of their business.

This article focuses primarily on how you can use geofencing technology to boost your local SEO ranking. So, keep reading to learn more!

The Importance of Local SEO

There are businesses that can flourish solely by improving their online presence and SEO ranking. These practices work best for business owners who sell items like clothing that are easily shipped throughout the world.

However, if you own a more localized business like a hair salon or plumbing company, your local SEO should be much higher on your list of priorities than standard SEO.

The main point of implementing local SEO strategies into your marketing plan is to make your website easier for customers to find in search engines like Google and Bing. Doing so will help you get a leg up on competing businesses in your area while also building customer trust and your brand image.

Think about it this way, you’re out running errands in an area of town that you’re not very familiar with. You decide to pause for lunch, so you do a quick search on your phone for “Delis near me.”

The deli that is first on your list of results is the one with the highest local SEO ranking. It may not seem like a big deal that this particular deli came up first on the list because other delis appeared too, but that number one spot is actually very important.

In a survey, 75% of consumers admitted that they never go to the second page of the search results when they Google something. So, if your company doesn’t have a spot on that first page, the local customers you want to find you probably never will.

The Importance of Geofencing Technology

The vast majority of smartphone users always have their location services turned on. You can thank phone finding apps and GPS services like Google Maps for this access.

This means that when you begin to implement geofencing technology into your advertising plan, your ads won’t be blocked. They’ll be sent directly to the customers who you want to see them.

That’s just the beginning of the benefits though. You can also use geofencing to:

  • Send ads through different types of apps
  • Target specific public locations and residences
  • Target event centers like arenas and convention centers when they’re busy
  • Enjoy the most accurate targeting possible

It is important to understand that geofencing and local SEO aren’t two separate entities. Geofencing is a local SEO strategy that’s used to widen the reach of small businesses. For more information, read “What is Geofencing?”

Geofencing Advertising Techniques

When you use geofencing, you’re able to send ads to customers as they physically become closer to your business. While your distance ranges and radius are customizable, a good rule of thumb is to keep the distance at three miles and less.

What makes this technology so helpful for business owners is that they are able to reach customers while they are already out and willing to make purchases. Let’s say, for instance, you own a boutique in a shopping center.

If you choose to send your ads to shoppers when they are within the perimeter of that shopping center, they are more likely to make your store their next stop than they are when you send alerts when they’re in another location like home or work.

To make your geofencing ads as powerful as possible, they should utilize creativity and speak to your potential customers’ interest. You can even use a combination of video and still ads.

Here are some examples of great geofencing advertisements.

Take Advantage of Geo-Conquesting

Geo-conquesting is a geofencing tactic that uses your nearby competitors’ stores as targeted locations. Let’s say, for example, you own a jewelry store that’s only a mile away from another jewelry store.

Chances are, a customer in that store may have browsed without finding what they were looking for. Even if they made a purchase, they might be willing to take a look around a new store (your store) to make another.

So, if your ad comes up while they’re walking out the door that shows you’re not only close by, but you’re offering a discount, the chances of that customer stopping by to pay you a visit before they head back home are increased.

Create Search Based Ads

One of the best ways to get new customers into your business is to target them while they’re thinking about you. And you don’t have to be a mind reader to do it. You can automate your geofencing ads so that they reach customers while they’re searching for businesses like yours.

In this scenario, let’s say you own a car detailing shop. A customer can be close by without realizing your shop exists, maybe it’s new or the person isn’t from the are.

So, when they Google “Nearby car detailing” you can show up in their searches, but so will your competitors. This is where you target your geofencing ad to convince the customer to pick you.

You can offer a discount on the total amount of their services or throw in a freebie like a high-quality air freshener or an upgrade into the ad.

Offer a Limited Time Deal

When someone is in your geofence, you can send them a special limited time coupon that they have to show when they come into your store. This kind of offer not only teases exclusivity, it puts customers on a deadline.

Both are powerful sales strategies that will never get old because customers will always enjoy feeling like they’re part of a special list or club.

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