Dental SEO 101: The Top 5 Foolproof SEO Hacks for Dentists

dental seo

It seems small businesses have finally caught up to the digital age. A little over half, around 55%, have at least a minimal SEO budget. Granted, it’s only a marginal increase over the year.

But still, progress is progress. Even dental SEO is on the rise, with dentists looking to their websites to bring in new patients.

How do they do it? More importantly, what can you do to improve your ranking?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to show you five SEO hacks you can use right now. They’ll help you bring in patients and bring a smile to your face.

Kick the Old Habits

The SEO landscape is an ever-shifting terrain. It’s easy to get caught up in the old ways of doing things. We get it; you’re a dentist, not a marketer.

But to improve your SEO, you have to use the best practices. Gone are the days when you can submit your website to a directory. The links you get from them aren’t organic, and Google may penalize you for them.

Avoid purchasing links and paid press for the same reason. You should ax keyword stuffing and generic keyword-domain matching too. Neither takes a targeted approach.

Honestly, they’re both a sign of laziness. I mean, think about it from the customer’s perspective. Would you click on a site with a domain of “”

These aren’t the only habits you should break, just the big ones. Click here to see some more.

Get the Most Out of Social Media

It seems strange, doesn’t it? Facebook and the dentist seem to have nothing in common. Nothing could be further from the truth.

SEO and SMO (social media optimization) go together like peas and carrots. Google looks to Facebook and other platforms to determine your relevancy. The more likes, retweets, and shares you have, the better you look.

Go Mobile

Name for me, please, ten people who don’t own a smartphone. Don’t worry; I’ll wait. Can’t think of any?

That’s because everyone owns a smartphone. If you’re not on mobile, you’re missing out. A majority of people start their research, especially medical, on their phone.

Reduce Load Times

Google’s recent Hummingbird update has increased focus on website speed. If it takes more than three seconds to load, people will go elsewhere.

They want a seamless experience, one that’s lightning fast. Use Google Analytics to check your speed and analyze your strategy.

Focus on Organic Conversions

Organic conversions are the best conversions. Why? Well, in a practical sense, more clicks go to organic results than AdWords. The reason being, people like to do business with people, not companies.

That said, you need to define what a conversion is. Is it the person who comes in only for a special offer? Or is it the person who comes and then returns?

Again, use Google Analytics. The metrics it tracks will help you refine your strategy. You can use it to develop better content and a better site.

Where to Find the Best Dental SEO Advice

Dental SEO, like almost any SEO, requires you to wear the customer’s shoes. You have to think like them, anticipate their needs.

Once you do so, your rankings will shoot through the roof. But if you still need help, visit us at Site Report Card. We’ve got dozens of articles dedicated to SEO.

What are you waiting for? Log on today!