Organic SEO vs Local SEO: How Are They Different?

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Did you know that 88% of consumers who look up a local business will visit that location within 24 hours? That statistic comes from the Google Mobile Movement survey, which was conducted back in 2011.

Mobile marketing has become even more ingrained in our society since then. At this point, it’s impossible to overlook mobile marketing and local search in your digital marketing campaigns. That doesn’t mean you can neglect your organic SEO results.

But how is local SEO different from organic SEO? Is one superior to the other?

Let’s take a look at how organic SEO vs local SEO and see how they relate.

Organic SEO vs. Local SEO

Let’s start by defining our terminology. It will make it easier to under what is organic SEO and why it’s important.

What Is Organic SEO?

Simply put, organic SEO is traditional search engine optimization. It’s the way that search engines initially ranked websites for relevancy.

Organic SEO ranking factors include:

  • Keyword density
  • Backlinks
  • Relevant content

Even though organic SEO has been around since the advent of search engines, it’s still changed a lot over the years. Unethical SEO practices like keyword stuffing forced Google’s algorithms to become more specific to find relevant, authentic web content.

If you’re still learning the ins and outs of SEO, like on-page SEO and how to secure backlinks, you can learn more about what is SEO here.

How Organic SEO Is Different From Local SEO

Organic SEO is the blueprint that all search engines are built off of. It’s a generalized way for Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo to measure a website’s usefulness.

Local SEO is built around hyper-specific localized results, however. Optimizing your content for local search involves integrating phrases like ‘near me,’ or ‘best deli in Manhattan,’ for instance.

Local SEO is mostly geared towards mobile marketing. It’s a way to target a specific audience who are often willing to spend money.

Organic SEO vs. Local SEO: Which To Focus On?

Local search is essential for business owners with physical products and services. Brick-and-mortar retailers, restaurants, and those offering physical products and services will be well-served by local optimization.

Anyone with a global clientele needs to consider organic SEO ranking, however. Considering there are 4.1 billion Internet users currently, you simply can’t overlook this untapped well of potential customers and a devoted audience.

Want To See How Your Site’s SEO Measures Up?

The rules of SEO are constantly changing. With technology evolving at the speed of thought, Google is updating their algorithms more often than ever. It’s a good idea to periodically check how your website is functioning.

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