10 Amazing Marijuana Branding Tips to Boost Online Traffic

marijuana branding

In 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Today, twenty-two years later, cannabis is being sold in more than half the states in the country.

In fact, the cannabis industry is doing so well, it’s considered to be a second Gold Rush. Investors feel like they can’t get into the market fast enough.

But not every cannabis business is successful. In fact, there are many challenges when it comes to marijuana branding and marketing. But, with the right efforts, you can overcome. Read on for ten tips to help you take your business to the top.

1. Build Trust with Respectful Marketing

For many years marijuana was completely illegal. The methods used to advertise for cannabis at that time were little more than your corner dealer running a sale or a reference in a popular song.

But today, marijuana can have proper marketing that is done with taste and care. Many people are turning to cannabis for their first time and are looking for a friendly product that they can trust.

Take care to design packaging that is friendly to new users, explaining what your product is and how it is superior to others.

2. Leave the Leaves

The marijuana leaf is a symbol for legalization that has been placed on everything from socks to bumper stickers, to posters. When people see them, they think about the fight for legalization and the era of prohibition that recently passed.

If you are trying to market your products to a broad audience, then you should avoid stamping the marijuana leaf on everything you sell. You want to make your purchasers feel like they are using any other beneficial medication and not remind them of the past.

3. Tell Your Story

Your customers are going to want to know where the product they are buying is coming from. Tell your story with effective branding and show them who they are supporting when they purchase your goods.

One great way to build your clout as a business is to write a blog, like this one by Green Society.

4. Educate Your Consumer

Many people who purchase your products will be a first time user. That means that before they buy, they will need a little help and education about making their purchase.

Make sure you provide your customers with accessible information about your products that describe the varieties of marijuana you have available and what their differences are.

5. Appeal to Multiple Audiences

The marijuana audience is made up of all potential patients and with the litany of conditions it has been shown to help, your customers will come from all walks of life.

Try to come up with a base logo and font design that represents your business, but when you place ads, make sure you create copy that makes sense for that audience.

For example, if you are posting on Instagram, you’ll want some high-quality photos of your product that millennials will find appealing. While if you’re placing an ad on a website that caters to the elderly, you would want to take a more discreet approach and talk about the benefits of your products.

6. Don’t Ignore Women

Traditionally smoking has been seen as a habit primarily for men. But women make up half of your consumer base. Make sure the advertisements you place take into account the women you want to appeal to.

Don’t just fill your ads with bikini-clad models and hope everyone will come in the door. Take on multiple channels.

7. Approach Influencers

Social media influencers have the ability to get your message to all of their followers. While sometimes using this form of advertising seems a bit forced, with the marijuana industry, the influencer approach makes a lot of sense.

This is because the influencer can try your product and tell their followers what it’s like. While selling these products in stores is now legal in many places, giving samples out in a store is still prohibited. By using influencers, potential customers will be able to see an honest review of your product and will be encouraged to buy.

8. Don’t Over Spend on Impressions

One of the biggest problems with trying to sell marijuana products is that potential users are everywhere and you never know who might be interested in trying your product.

Therefore it’s very expensive to place ads that will bring in your purchasers. Make sure that you don’t overspend to try to get these clicks. There are other marketing strategies that will allow you to reach your audience more accurately, without all the wasted impressions.

9. Build Your Network

The best way to ensure all of your advertising efforts reach people who want to hear your message is to market to people who already buy your products. One way to do this is by signing customers up for an email list.

Consider putting an iPad in your store or a box on your website where customers can enter their email address in exchange for an instant 10% off coupon. While not everyone will do it, your mailing list will grow exponentially and you can use high-quality coupons to continue pulling in your audience.

10. Create Loyalty and Referral Programs

One way to get your customers back in the door, and bringing a friend along, is to create different incentive programs.

For example, you could create cards that you stamp where if someone buys nine grams, their tenth one is free. That will encourage them to shop with you consistently and be a loyal customer. Alternatively, you could offer a certain percentage off their next purchase when they spend a certain amount of money.

The basic strategy here is to make sure your customers return. You can also use a referral program to bring new customers in the door. Consider offering your returning customers a 20% off coupon for their next purchase if they bring a friend with them.

Marijuana Branding Tips and More

Bringing new customers to your website isn’t easy, but with these marijuana branding tips, you’re sure to see an increase in traffic.

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