How to Hire a Copywriter Who Actually Knows Their Stuff

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Did you know more than 4 billion blogs are written every day? Blogs started as digital equivalents to journals, but now they’re digital marketing staples.

Other advertising materials require written copy as well. You may not be blogging, but you are sending out sales emails or newsletters. Your ads and social media posts need to be written as well.

With so much written material, you’re going to need the help of qualified copywriters. You also know your copy needs to be top-notch if it’s going to succeed with your audience.

To that end, you want to be sure you hire a copywriter worth their salt. How can you make sure the person you’re hiring is the right person for the job? You can start by following these tips.

Know the Difference Between Content and Copy

Before you hire, make sure you understand the difference between content and copy. They’re both forms of the written word, but they have different aims.

You can usually find content writers a dime a dozen. While you get what you pay for, these writers are often taking an idea you have and transforming it into a blog post. They are not writing copy.

Copywriters craft an actionable message. Copy should resonate with your audience and convince them to take action. Effective copy requires a skillful blend of psychology, sales knowledge, and writing prowess.

Find a Copywriter and Reach Out to Them

You’ve reviewed the differences between content writers and copywriters. You’ve decided you do need a copywriter. Now you need to know how you can get a copywriter.

To find copywriters, take a look around at some examples of copy. Find examples you find compelling. Then reach out to the person who wrote it.

Even if they’re busy, they may at least be able to recommend some other great copywriters to you. Don’t shy away from hiring a copywriter in Sydney even if you’re in New York or Barcelona. The best copywriters operate on a global scale.

Arrange a Call (and Let Them Ask Questions)

Now you’ve found a few copywriters, and you’ve scheduled prospecting calls with them. You likely have a ton of questions to ask. You want to know if this person is the right fit for you.

The copywriter should also have some questions for you. If the copywriter is worth their salt, they’ll ask you about your expectations, the tone of voice for your business, and even what you hope to achieve.

At the very least, the writer should have conducted an audit of your site. They should know what you do.

Administer an Editing Test Before You Hire a Copywriter

You may have guessed a screening test would be a large part of how to hire a copywriter. Screening via test gives you a chance to see the writer’s skills in action. How well do they meet your expectations?

A great way to find out if you’ve found a gem is to offer the writer feedback. Then observe how they react. Do they take your feedback and tweak the writing?

Great Copy Is the Foundation of Good Marketing

If you’re looking to get your marketing efforts off the ground, it might make sense to hire a copywriter. A great copywriter will give you a solid foundation upon which to build your campaigns.

When it comes to digital marketing, copy isn’t the only aspect you need to pay attention to. Think about your SEO strategy, keywords, and more.

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