7 SEO Lead Generation Techniques to Boost Your Business

seo lead generation

Creating a strong digital marketing campaign and a well-performing lead generation strategy do go hand in hand, but one does not equal the other. It’s possible to achieve a high ranking on Google and still have issues connecting with new consumers.

As such, it’s on you to figure out how to use SEO in a way that makes lead generation as effective as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to completely scrap your search efforts and start a new campaign from scratch.

You may be in a better position to generate new leads than you think, you just have to figure out how to make your online presence turn heads and get people to opt-in.

Here are 7 awesome SEO lead generation tactics to help you do just that!

1. Identify Where You’re Losing Customers

First things first, before you start fixing this and changing that, you should figure out what the real issue is between you and your customers. Figure out where you’re losing them and where you’re not even reaching them. Identify where the gaps in your current online presence are.

This will help create a sense of direction for your new lead generation initiatives. It tells you what you need to focus on the most and helps define what your goals should be.

Some areas of opportunity to look out for include broken links and high bounce rates. These get in the way of your lead generation strategy. They’re off-putting aspects of your website that need to be fixed right away if you want more people to opt-in.

2. Fix (and Test!) Your Opt-Ins

Speaking of getting people to opt-in, are you sure that your forms and buttons are performing as well as they could be? It’s worth going through your site to do some edits and run a few A/B tests. This allows you to see where your opt-ins are falling short.

Something as simple as changing the text on a contact form or placing an opt-in button in a different spot on a page can do wonders for your lead generation as a whole. They make your opt-ins much more eye-catching and convincing; they can start increasing leads almost instantly.

3. Create Multiple Forms of Content

The next way to improve your lead generation strategy is to do more than just blog. Why would you rely on one blog (or collection of blogs) to expand your web presence if you can take that same content and turn it into additional pieces of value for your audience?

Take the information you’ve just written out and create an infographic for it. Consider making short videos to explain/summarize the most high-performing blogs on your site. Maybe even start a podcast!

These are just a few ways to recycle the content you already have.

They help you further provide value to your audience without having to reinvent the wheel every time you need more content – and the best part is you don’t have to create everything on your own! That’s what most marketing companies like initiate lift are prepared to do for you.

4. Leverage Your Online Presence as a Whole

This next tip goes hand in hand with recycling content: It’s worth thinking beyond your website and investing your efforts in things like social media and email marketing.

Such platforms allow you to improve your entire online presence. They help bring people to your website and support your lead generation strategy by catching the audience’s attention in unique ways.

Plus, they support your reputation management effort. Reputation management refers to the online perception of your brand as a whole. It helps you understand what people are saying about you on third-party websites and industry forums, which is a chance to encourage positive conversations and start mending any negative comments.

5. Start Guest Blogging

Another way to improve your lead generation strategy is to start guest blogging. The biggest benefit of guest blogging is that it introduces you to a large number of new consumers. It gives your lead generation efforts a much bigger reach because you’re no longer focusing on your own market anymore.

Instead, you’re creating content that’s tailored to the audience of an industry-respected publication or an influencer site. As they read through your guest blog, they make a connection with you that makes them want to learn more. Users then end up on your site and your lead generation improves.

6. Clean Up Smaller SEO Details

Whether you’re publishing content for your own site or you’re writing a guest blog, you need to make sure every single character/image is providing value. You need to optimize the content in every way you can.

This means creating a custom URL for what you’re creating and writing alt tags for all the images used. It also involves cleaning up your meta tags and descriptions so that they’re custom, engaging copy rather than the automatic link that Google will generate for you.

More so, it’s worth seeing how long it takes each page on your website to load and you may even want to change your site navigation as a whole. These are the “minor” details that too many people often overlook, but they actually make a big difference.

7. Keep an Eye on Google Updates

The final thing to remember when working on SEO lead generation is that your performance is subject to change depending on a new Google algorithm. That’s just how it goes. A new algorithm can significantly benefit your ranks and lead generation, or it can set back some of the efforts you’ve been doing well on.

Either way, it’s on you to keep an eye on what Google is doing. The more you anticipate an upcoming change or quickly adjust to a new one, the better your online presence and performance will be.

SEO Lead Generation Made Simple

Here’s a little secret about SEO lead generation: it’s really not as complicated as it seems!

You don’t have to spend hours going back and forth making edits or trying to decide what works. You just have to educate yourself about digital lead generation best practices and focus on using those when creating a new campaign.

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