Top Fashion Keywords to Drive More Traffic to Your Clothing Blog

fashion keywords

Fashion blogs that distribute content across multiple platforms have more success.

A common colloquialism is ‘content is king’. But how do you create content people can find, read, and share?

Keywords, that’s how!

Okay, not only keywords but they will help you get found in the first place. Using the top fashion keywords is essential to getting eyeballs on your site.

If no one can find your content how can you expect to be successful?

Keep reading to discover some traffic driving strategies.

Create Viral Content

Creating epidemic content is easier said than done. Many try and many fail. Still, it is possible if you pay attention to the principles.

One of those principles is to create interesting headlines. 80% of folks will read a headline. Only 20% actually go on to read the content. When you write an engaging headline, you are casting out your fishing line hoping to get a bite.

Another principle is to have a great idea. This means that you want to write content on things that people are actually interested in. This is an essential factor of knowing your audience. Know what they are searching for and questions they are asking.

We’ll elaborate on how to generate content ideas later in this post.

Host a 30-day challenge

A 30-day challenge can be fun for your audience. It’s not so long as to require a life-changing commitment. Excited challenge followers will share with their friends. This builds your audience for the time after the challenge is done.

A contest or giveaway functions much the same way.

You can offer an incentive to followers for whomever comments or shares the most.  This is a great way to build audience engagement and keep them coming back.

Post on Quora

Thousands of people ask questions on Quora. After signing up for an account, search for questions related to your blog. Answer the question genuinely with a summary of your content. After the summary, let people know about your post and link to your blog. Quora can generate leads to your blog for years.

Guest Post

Guest posting is a great strategy to cross promote. It’s a win-win for you and the host site. They get free content and you get free traffic and a link back to your site.

This is a great idea if you are new to blogging and trying to build an audience. Google guest posting sites in your niche to find leads.

Another great strategy is to interview an expert on a topic related to your niche. This is a fairly simple way of generating content people will care about. Many times the expert will want to trade content with you. You can then post the interview on your site and their site to gain a backlink.

Generate Content Ideas

Generating content that people care about is business 101. Even if you create unique cufflinks like this website, you must find an audience.

That’s where knowing your audience demographics come in. Quora comes in handy for this part also. Consider who your content is serving. What are their personalities? What are their interests and hobbies?

Type your primary keyword into the Quora search box to discover what folks are talking about. Then, generate content toward that.

Here are a few other tools for generating content ideas:

  • Comments – use helpful comments on your posts to generate targeted content
  • Curated Content – Do a weekly roundup of the best content in your niche from all over the web
  • Ubersuggest – This is a keyword and topic suggestion tool to help you generate content. Just type in your keyword or niche and pick from a list of related suggestions.

Top Fashion Keywords

SEO strategies are your fishing line and the keywords are the bait. Proper placement of that bait, will bring readers in over and over.

Here are some of the top fashion keywords from all over the world:

  • how to make an old fashioned
  • how to become a fashion designer
  • how to be a fashion designer
  • how to start a fashion blog
  • how to be fashionable
  • how to draw fashion sketches
  • how to be a fashion blogger
  • how to become a fashion stylist
  • what is fast fashion
  • what is my fashion style

Strategic Placement of Keywords

The most effect keywords are placed in 5 essential places.

  • The SEO title – the title that appears in search results
  • The Meta description – the description that comes up in search results
  • The first paragraph – helps search engines and readers to know what the content is about
  • As alternate text area – this is in case an image you posted doesn’t load
  • The URL – this is what everyone will see when your post becomes active

After strategic placement of your keywords, sprinkle them throughout your posts. Don’t get too crazy though. Google will penalize a writer stuffing keywords to get higher ranks. This could ruin any hopes of traffic to your page.

Keyword stuffing is considered spam. It happens when a writer arbitrarily overuses keywords. Here’s an example using the keyword fashion designer:

Are you hoping to become a fashion designer? Fashion designers have the best job in the world. Just thinking of being a fashion designer is fun!

This is hard to read and will most likely lose your readership.

Get Serious

Building a successful blog can be fun but it’s not child’s play.

Vary your tactics to increase your chances of driving traffic. Use virtual forums to find your audience and learn their desires. Then, create content to help them answer their burning fashion questions.

Reel in the readers by sprinkling fashion keywords through your content. Do that, again and again, to ensure continued added value for your audience.

Make it fun for them (and you) by hosting challenges and contests. Because who doesn’t like to win things.

For more traffic generating advice, check out our posts on keywords and link building.