5 Stellar Content Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your ROI Substantially


Billions of websites are flooding the internet today, many of which are competing within your niche for customers. That’s bad news for business owners who are having trouble cutting through the competitive clutter to cash in on the opportunity of today’s up-economy.

Among the best, most cost-effective digital marketing methods organizations are leaning on to stand out is content marketing.

Content marketing is a bit of a “catch-all” term. It describes sharing information via multiple mediums that consumers find useful and indirectly pushing them down sales funnels.

As content marketing becomes more popular, it’s getting increasingly imperative that you utilize best practices to up the quality and traction of your marketing pieces.

To that end, below are 5 content marketing tips that can boost your marketing return on investment substantially.

1. Lean on Value First and Products Second

A lot of content marketers fail because their marketing pieces feel too pushy and unhelpful.

New Flash: Online consumers are smart.

They can tell the difference between an organic piece of content that’s trying to improve the quality of their life and another piece of pushy sales copy that begs them to buy whatever publishers are selling.

One of the best content marketing tips we can give you is to put yourself second and your consumer first whenever you produce something. If you do that, you’ll garner trust and the sales will follow.

2. Recycle Your Best Content

We read a lot of articles that say you should repurpose your video content into blog posts and visa-versa.

We agree with them. You shouldn’t do it indiscriminately though.

If you produce a piece of content that’s not getting any pickup, it’s not worth your time to double it. Only recycle your most successful content across multiple mediums and you’ll maximize your time.

3. Consume Content More Than You Share It

To be successful in certain communities, you have to be an active participant. Being a participant doesn’t mean just being a producer, it also means being a consumer.

Start liking people’s Facebook posts, pin other people’s shares on Pinterest, etc.

If you start consuming more than you’re sharing, you’ll skyrocket your growth.

4. Try For Evergreen When Possible

Creating content around topical themes (like say a 2018 mid-term election) is good in the moment but dies immediately after the moment passes. While we understand that it’s appropriate in some cases to get super-topical, aim for evergreen content when you can with your content marketing efforts.

Evergreen content has a longer consumption tail and will produce leads for you into the future.

5. Dig Deeper Into Your Analytics

Rounding out our content marketing tips is the idea of digging into your analytics (a concept you can read more about).

When people are gravitating towards a certain post you wrote, what does that say about them? What is the consumer’s intention? What does your post’s popularity say about the state of the industry you’re writing about?

Digging into micro-analytics that are harder to grasp at can give you unique insights that can shape your future content strategy plans.

Wrapping Up Stellar Content Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your ROI

From going evergreen to being selective with your content recycling, there are a number of ways you can boost your content marketing success and your return on investment.

So what are you waiting for? Start implementing our tips above and start dominating the world wide web today!

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