The Bad Website Blues: 5 Web Design Fails To Avoid At All Cost


Most people will spend less than 15 seconds on a website.

There is little time to make a good impression. Every part of your website needs to attract your audience. Many make the same bad website mistakes which can push audiences away.

Don’t worry! Read on for 5 common web design mistakes to avoid on your website.

1. Poor Readability

Readability is key to any good website. Your users have to be able to read the text. Your font size and style are make or break.

There are a few things you can do that will avoid any disasters. Avoid using grey font on white backgrounds, you want a bold color like black that stands out.

Look at other websites to see what’s successful. Use tools like Adobe Kuler to try out new color schemes. Use a sans serif font family as they excel at readability on the web.

2. Poor Navigation

Your users shouldn’t have trouble getting from one page to another and back again. Make sure the main navigation shows on each page. Always give users a way to retrace their steps through the pages they’ve viewed.

Keep it simple and avoid using too many menus and options. Include a link to the home page and other major sections at the very least.

You may want to work with a professional web designer on a custom web design that suits your needs.

3. Disorganized Layout

Your content is how you drive traffic.

Users tend not to read unless they need to. And when they do, they scan the information and pick out points that are interesting or important. They’re not interested in one large wall of text.

Use appropriate headings and sub-headings. Paragraphs and keywords are important too. Don’t be afraid to use bullet points and lists, and always make sure your pages have a title.

4. Poor Speed and Responsiveness

Your website should be fast on all platforms.

If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you could be driving off potential users. Mobile users shouldn’t need to swipe or zoom. It should respond as fast on a mobile as it would on a desktop.

Clunky coding and large images are among some things that kill site speed. Always try to optimize your website, so you can offer a superior browsing experience for users.

5. Poor Use of Images

You want your website to be attractive.

Images and animations can be powerful tools that can drive a point home or break up heavy text. But too few or too many images can be unappealing and slow down your site. You should use images to get the users’ attention, not distract them!

Think through every image and placement, it should be there to enhance the page. If you use animations, always give users alternatives and a skip button.

Avoid Bad Website Design

By avoiding these common problems, you can make sure you don’t end up with a bad website. By having a readable, well thought out site that balances images, text and functionality, you are sure to gain your users’ attention.

Don’t just stop at a good design though. Check out our advice on how to boost the traffic to your redesigned website.