Get on the Radar: Learn About the SEO Trick and Tools to Help in 2019

seo trick

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is serious business, so it’s crucial to get it right if you want to succeed on the internet.

After all, a staggering 91% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

But as you may have heard, Google’s algorithms are getting harder to outsmart. Updates like Panda and Penguin have rendered a wide array of past practices obsolete. 

That’s why it’s vital to get with the program and incorporate a cutting edge google search hack or two into your repertoire. 

But to pull off an SEO trick, it needs to be viable in 2019.  

Do Your Keyword Research 

The pro SEO hacker will always begin with keyword research. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even know where to focus their efforts.

The best SEOs use keyword research tools. And although there are a few free programs on the market, the premium applications offer much more functionality. 

SEMrush, for example, can show you handy stats such as monthly search volumes and cost per click. You’ll also get related keywords and phrases to help with your brainstorming sessions.

Keyword research is best broken down into three stages:

1. Work out your buyer persona (target audience) and think about what they’d write into Google. Consider wants, desires, hates, and interests.

2. Create and refine a list. Start by writing down as many keywords related to your buyer persona as possible. Formulate content ideas based on the most relevant keywords that have the right balance between search volume and difficulty (how hard it is to rank). Moz Keyword Explorer can gauge difficulty. 

3. Make a content strategy based on your target keyword(s). Work out a range of blog posts, webinars, and whitepapers to attract your buyer persona. 

Keep an Eye on the Competition

SEO is a constant battle with your competitors to rank as high as possible. And the more you understand your enemies, the better equipped you’ll be to take them on.

The best way to see how your tracking is through a competitive analysis tool such as SEMrush. Through the software, you can compare your domain against others in terms of keyword SERPS and other metrics. 

This information can help you adjust your content strategy accordingly to ensure you always remain on top.

Do an On-Page SEO Trick or Two

Although not as powerful as it once was, on page remains a crucial part of SEO strategy in 2019.

You need to focus your attention on the following crucial areas:

  • The URL
  • The meta description
  • The page title
  • The headers (h/2, h/3, etc)

However, that doesn’t mean you want to spam your keywords into all of those, all the time. That would look…spammy.

Instead, focus on your most important or popular pages. Google knows what your website is all about and your readers won’t dismiss your site as spammy.

For a bit of extra help, programs such as SEO Yoast (WordPress) or BrightEdge can provide automated tips on areas you could improve.

Remember to keep sentences and paragraphs short and sweet, use plenty of headings, write longer articles of 1,000 words or more, and only publish great content.

Publish Quality Content

This is where Google has really picked up their game in recent years; their ability to automatically recognize quality content. 

Since the dawn of the online age, their mission has always been to organize the internet to make it “universally accessible and useful.”

These days, their algorithms are adept at sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Google knows if your articles are useful, or whether they’re a steaming pile of fluff-filled crap.

How exactly can they pick a good writer from a bad one, considering there are over 2 billion sites to trawl through? Nobody is quite sure because it’s an industry secret.

What we do know, is that sites usefulness pertains to authority. Consider the following tips to boost authority:

  • Include a byline to show you’re an expert in the niche
  • Do original research that doesn’t appear elsewhere in the web
  • Link to other authoritative sources you’ve used 
  • Ensure your content is engaging and insightful

The other crucial aspect is accessibility. In other words, it needs to be easy to read. 

This ties in with your on-page SEO. Think plenty of white space, small sentences and paragraphs, bullet points, lots of headings, and a cool but relevant graph or pictures.

Get Your Backlink Game On

Backlinks are still a fundamental part of SEO in 2019. Although these days, it’s a lot less spammy than it used to be.

Don’t even bother trying to link farm from disreputable sites. Nowadays, Google only dishes out that delicious “link juice” through backlinks from authoritative sites. And the closer they are to your niche, the better. Tools such as Ahrefs will let you know how you’re tracking.

But how can you get authoritative sites to link to yours?

Well, the most obvious answer is by becoming an expert in your niche. That does take a heck of a lot of time and effort, however.

Social media is a great way to promote your site. Share all your content across all your channels, being sure to include stunning pictures to encourage users to do the same. Big visible share buttons help as well.

Another easy strategy is to pay influencers to share your stuff. These could be big time Instagram stars or the authors of other high-authority blogs. If you can’t afford their fee, some might accept your products instead of payment.

Don’t Forget Your Internal Links

Another nice Google hacking trick is creating a network of internal links throughout your site. Not only does this help with reader retention (by giving them more stuff to read), but it also adds to your SERP score. 

Remember to keep internal links relevant and aim for 2-3 per post.

Owning SEO in 2019

By following this simple google hacks list, you’re now well versed in every modern SEO trick. Just be sure to keep track of your progress through a program like Google analytics.

To see how your site is performing now, try starting with the SEO Audit Tool from Site Report Card. As certified industry experts, the team will be able to provide actionable advice on how to boost your SEO sky high.