How to Build a Landing Page That Converts

how to build a landing page

When it comes to your landing pages, your primary goal is to get more conversions out of it. Don’t look at it the wrong way – we love aesthetic landing pages. Even then, It’s not all about what’s on the outside.

There are many things you need to know about landing pages. What is a landing page that works?. Finding that means following the best practices.

Knowing how to build a landing page should not be quantum physics. We want to help you make an actual, successful landing page that you can use in a campaign.

In this landing page how-to, we’ll teach you how you can make your landing pages work. From understanding what is a landing page used for to how to use a landing page, we’ll cover that.

Let’s dive in now.

What Is A Landing Page?

Before we dive in, we need to first understand what is a landing page. We need to see what is a landing page used for and how does it differ from the other web pages you have.

The goal of a landing page is simple. This is to channel traffic and increase conversion rates to get your goals. Conversion can be anything from more signups to more buyers.

Your home page can be a landing page, but not vice versa. The point is to push your potential, organic visitors to fulfill what you want to happen.

How to use a landing page depends on what you want to happen. Making a successful landing page convert, however, has a few elements that make it function.

1. Compelling Landing Page Headlines

The first thing you need to make sure with your landing page design is to have a compelling headline. In any landing page how to, the headline is a crucial focus. It’s where everything starts and where most end.

How to use a landing page headline? Make it something that:

  • Grabs their attention
  • Makes the offer stick in their minds

You want something short and sweet. What is a landing page headline useful for is stopping people from closing the tab. You want something that complements your hero shot and vice versa.

Make your headlines to the point. You want to be clear what the product is, who it’s intended for, and understand the offer. If a headline can make people interested enough to scroll down, that’s effective.

2. Complementary Hero Shot

After the headline, one of the best elements that define what is a landing page used for is the hero shot. Hero shots are primary images or videos that help explain the headline. It’s one of the first things people will see, so you want it to be enchanting.

How do you make it appealing? In any landing page how to, the hero shot should have a purpose. This can be anything, from demonstrating the product to showing the benefits of the service.

A successful landing page hero shot shows how people can integrate the offer in their lives. It shows how it can make their lives better. The hero shot should make the product the eponymous “hero” that solves the problem.

3. Strong Call To Action (CTA)

If you’re looking for the definitive landing page how to, you’ll see how people prop up call to action (CTA). Indeed, having a powerful CTA can push people to do what you’re asking them. This conversion metric is the motivation that defines how to use a landing page.

Make your CTA powerful, grand, and, by all means, explosive. Use a button that contains the call to action phrase you want. Make it central and obvious to what is a landing page.

Make it contrast your entire color scheme to make it pop out. You want it to attract people’s eyes and result in a click.

Where you can, remove as many possible distractions from your landing page as possible. Help your audience to focus on your CTA.

4. Powerful Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Unique selling proposition is the factor that differentiates you from your competition. In a successful landing page, your content should concentrate on underscoring why people should choose you. What a landing page used for is to make your audience buy-in.

How do you use your content to make your visitors buy-in? You want your USP to talk about unique problems and unique solutions.

When talking about unique problems, you want your USP to stir up your audience’s emotions. It should open up problems that plague your visitors’ lives. By putting your selling proposition as something that resolves a problem, this is how to use a landing page.

You also want your unique selling proposition to show you are a unique solution. Sure, there might be others who offer some sort of relief, but you have something better. You provide benefits that no other solution can give.

5. Social Proof

What is a landing page social proof used for? Social proof is crucial in convincing your customer. It tries to work on people’s social nature and follow what works for other people.

Social proof in a successful landing page comes in different forms. This can be reviews, testimonials, security badges, and even logos of brands that work with you. This builds your credibility with your prospects.

If you don’t have testimonials yet, you can use case studies in your landing page how to. Improve your credibility by the volume of sales you have or the cases you handle. Show how you work on cases that use your offer as a solution.

How To Build A Landing Page

When it comes to your landing page, better page elements can lead to more conversions. If you want to know how to build a landing page, you need to understand the best practices. Elements like superior headlines and call to action are some crucial components that lead to a successful landing page.

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