Lead Funnels: 4 Mistakes Your Site is Making

lead funnels

Lead funnels are an important concept in sales and marketing. Similar to sales funnel, the lead funnel is a series of stages that a prospective customer goes through, from being just an interested individual to becoming a paying customer. Having a lead funnel is essential for any business’s sales and marketing approach.

It’s important to create a lead funnel for your business. However, you need to understand the different stages of the lead funnel before building one.

This ensures that the sales and marketing team has a smooth time recruiting and maintaining customers. Furthermore, it ensures sustainability in case there is a change of personnel.

Below is a simple breakdown of the lead funnel and the mistakes a site is likely to make.

The Stages In The Lead Funnel

The lead funnels feature different stages. Each stage is crucial in achieving the final goal of the funnel.


The first stage is making your product popular. This can be done through advertisements in this case you can use both traditional methods like radio, newspapers, billboards, televisions, or newer methods like Facebook ads and google ads. This stage aims to increase awareness of the product or hype up the brand.

You can also apply search engine optimization techniques to improve the discovery of the product on the internet.

Lead Capture

Next, you need to be able to gather some contact information from interested party voluntarily. It is important that an individual chooses to share their information willingly and not through some questionable means. Use PPC campaigns effectively by ensuring there is a direct link to a form where the clients can fill and submit their information.

Facebook, for example, has an ad format known as Lead ads that are good for lead capture. Moreover, writing SEO articles with keywords to your business can help bring traffic to your website. You can also use traditional methods like attending trade shows to find leads.


After gathering leads, next, you have to try to turn them into prospects. Basically, you have to try and convince the leads why they need what you offer. This can be done through constant communication.

You can use email marketing and send promotional messages. Including articles on your blog with the promotional messages may be good for educational purposes. You can also send them videos or a link to videos on the products you offer.

The main goal is positive engagement on this stage.

Marketing Qualified Lead.

After identifying prospects, next, you have to offer them a free trial or schedule a demo. This stage can also involve requesting a quote from the client. Basically, this stage is where you know which clients are ready to buy what you are selling.

Sales Qualified Lead

The sales team takes the offer at this stage. The pre-sales team engages with the clients identified by the marketing team trying to get their requirements. The pre-sales team can have its own sale funnel examples to guide them when engaging clients.

A lead scoring tool comes in handy when analyzing the requirements and determining whether a client is fit for the business. After identifying good leads, the sales team takes over.


All the information gathered so far is meant to help the sales team identify which clients are ready to buy the product. To seal the deal, you can start negotiations with the prospective clients and even send them discount coupons. The sales team needs to constantly engage the client and convince him or her to purchase what they have to offer.


The protects become customers after purchasing what you have to offer. This is a reflection of the work done throughout each stage of the lead funnel. However, it is important to ensure the customer is satisfied, thus providing constant support and engaging the customer is important.

One customer can be a gateway to many others, so it is important to continue building trust and loyalty even after purchase. The best advertisement in this era is a positive review or feedback.

4 Mistakes your Site is Making

There is a couple of lead funnel or sale funnel issues that may hinder getting more customers. Addressing this issue may have a positive impact on your business.

The Sign-Up Page

Make the sign-up form as simple and understandable as possible with clear messaging. Shorten the form to collect only important information like email or phone number. You can include some statistics on your product to make the page more appealing.

Have a Page Showing Feedback from Customers

Feedback is an effective marketing team. If one person sees another person speaking on their experience with the product, they are likely to be encouraged to buy the product. Ensure your site has a segment dedicated to showing the feedback you have received from your current customers.

A lead funnel is predicated on attraction, and positive feedback boosts attractiveness.

Use Social Media Effectively

In this generation, social media is perhaps the most significant marketing tool that if used effectively, can help boost sales. The first stage of the funnel is awareness. Social media provides an easy way to reach a massive amount of people at the same time.

Running social media campaigns that encourage engagement with prospective customers is one way to market your products. It is important to grow your social media following organically, meaning do not buy followers. Organically growing followers means the people you are engaging have some sort of interest with the brand.

Ensure there is a Blog Post Section

Blogs are a way to improve where your site appears in searches on the internet. Writing articles with keywords relating to your business is a proper search engine optimization technique. The articles should be helpful to ensure clients come back for more.

Lead Funnels

Lead funnels might be traditional, but the concept it is not broken yet, a tweak and your business sales are bound to go up. Always examine your lead funnel to check whether it is effective and to identify where improvements can be made. Finally, remember no sort of marketing can surpass customer satisfaction.

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