Google Courses and Beyond: 4 Marketing Certifications You Need

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A study found that the worldwide E-learning industry will be worth more than $275 billion by 2022. Professional training and certification have shifted onto online platforms in recent years. E-learning is a great way for professionals to expand their skill set and for educators to reach massive audiences.  

Marketing training and certification is a popular field for experts. Thousands of marketing experts are actively seeking skills to increase their value in the industry.

Trends and patterns in digital marketing change radically over time. You need to keep up to date with the latest and most effective marketing strategies. This is the only way to stay productive in any market.

Marketing is a highly lucrative field for many digital experts. Marketers are enlisted to develop strategies and promote brands. These are high priorities for many companies and businesses. However, you must have fresh skills to fit the role.

Digital marketing certifications strengthens your profession. They also give you new insights in an already saturated space.  

There are probably hundreds of certifications programs for marketing professionals. Below we discuss four essential certifications that you need to have in 2019.   

1. Google Analytics Individual Qualification

It is also known as Google Analytics IQ Certification. It is the most popular and queried online marketing certification.

The certification is focused on developing skills in Google Analytics. The purpose of Google Analytics is to measure marketing campaigns’ merits and monitor Key Performance Indicator (KPI). This aims to track and improve overall marketing efforts.

First, you have to set up an account at Google Academy for Ads. You then have to complete two free courses available at Google’s Analytics Academy. The two courses, Google Analytics for Beginners and the Advanced Google Analytic Module, prepare you for assessment.   

The assessment is a 70-question test, which is available in 19 languages. You must score at least 80% to pass. The certificate issued is only valid for 12 months, so you’ll have to take the assessment every year.  

The courses and the certification are all free. While at it, you could also go for other marketing credentials from Google. Some include Mobile Advertising, AdWords, and YouTube certifications.

2. Facebook BluePrint Certification

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for reaching and engaging a targeted audience. The BluePrint program is designed to train marketing professionals in using the platform as a digital marketing avenue.

Facebook BluePrint consists of two certifications for ad planning and ad buying experts.

  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional

To achieve this certification, you have to prove your proficiency in planning successful marketing campaigns on Facebook. You must understand how to target audiences while optimizing reach and frequency for maximum impact.

  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional

To earn this certificate, you have to demonstrate flawless skills in various areas. You must be competent in buying Facebook ads, using Facebook Pixel, and managing Facebook pages. The skills include proficiency in tracking and reporting KPIs and using such analysis for marketing advantage.

Both exams are allocated 75 minutes each. A pass is a score of not less than 700. You can take the exams in any order.

Facebook recommends beginning with the planning exam, followed by the buyer’s exam.The certification badge is only valid for one year. Each exam costs $150.

The two certifications are the most advanced level of training in the BluePrint program. The goal is to award professionals with exceptional skills in creating and manipulating Facebook ads, as well as running marketing campaigns.   

3. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

This is a free certification that focuses on content marketing. Content is still a significant part of marketing for many online entrepreneurs.

The course is detailed and comprehensive. It contains several lessons, videos, and short quizzes. It teaches several aspects of content marketing geared towards promoting inbound marketing strategies.

Some of the lessons include:

  • The basics of content marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Generating content ideas
  • Managing content
  • Effective writing
  • Content repurposing
  • Content promotion

The entire course plus all the quizzed take only 4 hours to complete.

After being awarded the certification, you will have learned to create human and search engine-friendly content. You will have become a more strategic content marketer.

The market is looking for new insights on content strategies. This is a necessity as media is forced to adapt to the various users’ platforms, especially mobile devices.  

HubSpot Academy is a hub for marketing experts looking to brush up on their marketing skills. The platform hosts over forty free marketing courses and certifications.Some of them include courses on YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, email marketing, and SEO training.

It doesn’t cost a thing to take any of these courses. All you need is some time, dedication, and an eagerness to learn.

4. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

Hootsuite Academy offers an industry-recognized certification in essential elements of social media marketing.

To earn the certificate, you have to score at least 80% on a 60-question exam.

Hootsuite recommends taking their free course before doing the exam. The course is a comprehensive series of videos. It conveys information about optimizing social media profiles, sharing social media content, social ads, and marketing strategies.  

Both the course and the exam are not focused on any particular social media platform. They cover all major platforms and includes general information.

The certification in categorized into three tiers whose tests are priced differently.

  • Advanced Social Advertising Certification – $999
  • Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification – $249
  • Social Media Certification – $199

The certification badge does not expire, so you only have to take the course and exam once.

Get Your Marketing Certifications

Digital marketing is currently ranked as one of the hottest online careers. Brands looking to gain a competitive edge in the changing landscape are always on the lookout for highly qualified marketers. Continually improving your skills by acquiring marketing certifications secures a long-term relevance to the industry.   

The certifications that we have discussed test vital skills from authoritative sources. They are widely recognized and are a good place to start.

However, don’t restrict yourself to just the four. Look up more certifications that suit your needs.

You will obviously be required to put in your time and some financial investment.  

Continue reading our informative articles on tips and recommendations on digital marketing, and much more.