Dollar, Dollar Bill: How to Find Affiliate Programs that Pay Daily

affiliate programs that pay daily

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of earning money.

What makes or breaks you in this industry is your partnership with an affiliate program. Pick a program with long payout periods and you’re stuck sitting around, waiting to get paid. That lays on the stress which many can’t handle. Even worse, it could stifle potential and cause you to give up too soon.

What is a solution to affiliate income instability? 

Join affiliate programs that pay daily to earn between the big payouts! Why? Because daily payouts offer peace of mind and wiggle room when growing as an affiliate.

Daily programs aren’t as common as your typical NET 30/60/90 programs, but they are out there! This guide shares why you should join them and what to look for when joining. Plus, you’ll get tips when adding them into your affiliate mix.

Creating Diversification Using Affiliate Programs that Pay Daily: A Stacked Strategy

Promoting three product price categories is good practice in affiliate marketing. This would include items priced: low, medium, and high.

Offering the variety ensures you’re reaching most people. You’ll have the chance to score a sale from freebie hunters to whales. This is affiliate diversification!

Payout periods are another form of diversification and buffering.

There are a couple of common payout agreements and terms like:

  • NET30 — Payouts 30-days after clearing
  • NET60 — Payouts 60-days after clearing
  • NET90 — Payouts 90-days after clearing

Most affiliate programs tend to do NET30 or NET90. You’ll also need to factor how long it takes to clear the sale or subscription, too. This means a sale today may take months before it hits your recorded payments!

The ideal, stacked strategy would involve:

  • Low-end, daily payouts to make money every day and offer a buffer
  • Medium-end, monthly payouts to make sustainable passive income
  • High-end, delayed payouts to ensure clearing and act like bonuses

The strategy lets you make money online without wild swings. You are less reliant on big campaigns and launches. You’re building a profitable business without lull periods causing you stress.

Affiliate Programs with Daily (Fast) Payouts

You’re not exactly going to find affiliate programs paying daily. Well, you might but they’re not exactly what you’re expecting. 

Why is this? Because there’s always some form of payment clearing.

More than likely you’ll get paid the next day.

It goes like this:

  1. You make a conversion/sale
  2. The sale gets verified and payment held
  3. Payment processes the following day

This gets done to avoid costly chargeback and fraud. That sale could have easily come from a stolen credit card. Or, from an affiliate abusing the system!

With that said — here are a few programs that pay fast (sometimes daily):


Mobidea is a CPA (cost per action) network focused on mobile marketing. The platform boasts 800+ advertisers, giving you ample selection. You’ll find all vertical types from dating and coupons to mobile content and more.

Mobidea offers daily payouts upon request and if you match their criteria.


ClickMagick is a sort of all-in-one tool for advertisers and marketers. It includes in-depth monitoring, testing, and retargeting capabilities. It also offers an affiliate program paying up to 35% recurring commissions.

The program pays daily once you’ve reached the 14-day threshold. You will also meet the $50 minimum payout. Create regular sales and this becomes a steady revenue stream.


Peerfly is a CPA network a lot like Mobidea except you have more options. This platform hosts over 2,300 offers across all verticals. They also feature dedicated account managers and stellar back-end affiliate support.

Peerfly offers an expedited payout feature. This lets you get paid daily but at a higher interest rate. You’ll also need to meet their criteria and threshold. Yet, the option is there if you’re a big-time affiliate making regular commissions.


No, not the old search engine…

…ask your affiliate manager to see if daily payout options are available.

Super affiliates tend to get special treatment with certain networks and programs. After all, they’re pulling in a lot of business. The program wouldn’t want to lose them, so they cater to their needs.

Expect to command a ton of affiliate sales to have this leverage. But, do know it’s a possibility once you get to that level!

Other Factors to Consider with Affiliate Payouts

A quick turn-around time with the payout isn’t everything. The best affiliate programs offer more than that — they offer flexibility and support.

The real features worth weighing include:

  • Commission type (flat, tiered, recurring)
  • Conversion rates and refunds (does it sell well and people keep it)
  • Cookie type and length (the longer, the better)
  • Marketing support and materials (stuff to make your job easier)
  • Legacy and authenticity (so you’re not working with fly-by-night opps)

A short, 24-hour cookie window that’s replaced with the last click isn’t that great. This means you’ve got to make the sale right then and there. If they go and look for a coupon, and click someone else’s link, then you lose the sale.

What good is a daily payout if you can’t make the commission, right?

Not only that but you need to make sure these programs are legitimate:

  • What happens if a customer does a chargeback?
  • Is the company authentic, offering a real product?

That’s not to say there aren’t daily programs out there (we shared some). It just goes to show that you should do the stacked strategy as we covered above.

Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business

You’ll gain better leverage as your site and business grow. Soon, you may find managers coming to you with affiliate programs that pay daily. You’ll get people wanting to work with you and your brand!

All this is possible with strategy, best practices, and strong motivation.

Feeling in a rut, trying to build an online money-maker? Don’t know how to scale your affiliate income? We’ve got you covered.

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