4 Signs You Should Dump Your SEO Agency


You deserve the best, but are you getting it?

Just like with personal relationships, your relationship with your SEO agency will show warning signs when things are getting rocky.

If you’re not sure you’re getting what you deserve from your SEO agency, keep reading to check out these sure signs that it’s time to dump your current agency.

4 Signs That It’s Time To Break Up With Your SEO Agency

#1: Your Goals And Vision Aren’t Aligned.

Partnerships can be a tricky thing to get right in the world of business, just as they are with personal relationships.

Your agency likely has a certain way of doing things, a certain idea of what your business is, and a certain strategy for execution.

While these may all align with your own wants and needs as a brand, when these business goals and visions aren’t aligned, it’s a big sign that it’s time for a breakup.

Instead, look for an SEO agency that has these factors in line with your ideals or vision as their client.

Don’t allow an agency to depart from the image you have of yourselves and your vision of how things should and will work out.

Always opt for an agency that you feel is truly listening to you, and more, really knows who you are. This way, your brand won’t be misrepresented.

#2: They’ve Shown No Proof Of Results.

As a client, you are paying your SEO agency as an investment. In return, you are expecting to see some measurable and positive results/a return on your investment.

When an agency fails to prove their positive performance, you need to move on. After all, you do NOT want to be paying more money than you’re making back–of course you would then want to leave!

If this is a problem for you, your current agency either isn’t producing any meaningful results or, they don’t know how to report their performance properly.

Either way, look for an agency that knows how to get the job done in both ways.

#3: You Put Up With Unmet Promises And Expectations.

One of the biggest motivations for leaving an SEO agency is some kind of unmet promise or expectation the service you receive.

Unmet promises and expectations can occur both on a large scale and a small scale.

On a large scale, your SEO agency may not deliver the results of a year-long campaign you were being promised the whole time.

In many cases, you will also find yourself in repeated incidents of small-scale let downs, such as the late delivery of content or their failure to meet reporting expectations.

Unmet promises and expectations are destructive. Not only do these experiences spur a “let down” feeling for you as the client, but it demonstrates a performance failure on the agency’s part and displays a lack of trust.

#4: There’s A Lack Of Communication.

A general lack of communication can be destructive to your relationship with your SEO agency.

Even if everything is going well initially (you’re seeing great results, your goals and visions are perfectly aligned, etc.) if you aren’t communicating frequently or effectively enough, your relationship with your agency is likely to fail.

Infrequent or irregular communication can mean that your brand is not on their mind or they’re not working hard for your business (if at all!).

Find an SEO agency that is consistent in communicating, so that you know for sure they’re on top of things.

Are you happy with your current SEO agency? Tell us why or why not you plan to stick with your current agency or why you’re ready to break up in the comments!