Get Noticed: How to Use Instagram for Marketing

Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month – that’s more than enough potential customers. 

No matter what you’re selling, there’s someone already doing it on Instagram. But if you’re wondering how to use Instagram for marketing, there are some serious ways to get ahead. 

If you aren’t on the ‘gram, we can guarantee that your competitors are – and they’ll be snapping up more market share every day. 

Read on to learn all about Instagram marketing. 

Get Your Profile Branding Right 

Every marketing strategy starts with branding – Instagram is no exception. In fact, you need to curate your feed carefully to provide both aesthetic and informative content. 

Your main page should be color coordinated as it’s the first thing people will view when they come to your page. Then, add some flare in your highlights with personal and business information. Finally, make sure there’s always a new exciting snap on your story. 

Make Your Page Personal 

If someone wanted to learn about your product alone, they’d visit your website. They’ve come to your Instagram for a more personal experience. 

Getting the balance between professional and personal is a critical part of social media marketing. You need to provide a small insight into aspects of your life and values without overloading and oversharing. 

Try adding a tiny bit of personal content to your posts and see how your followers react – you may find people flock to the sales page. 

Create High-Quality Content 

This might seem like a no-brainer, but one of the best Instagram marketing tips is to create good quality content. 

As Instagram makes it easier and more accessible for anyone to be a creator, high-quality content is few and far between. 

Make sure all of your posts are taken with a good camera, perfect lighting, and your captions are fun and engaging. 

Don’t overthink it too much, but definitely proofread before posting – there’s no better way to turn customers off than having promotional materials littered with typos. 

Focus on High Engagement 

It’s all well and good having thousands of followers that don’t interact with your posts, but if you want the business to soar, you need engagement. 

Try to encourage your audience to react to your posts. If you need a headstart, you can buy Instagram likes to aid you in your Instagram marketing strategy. Once you’ve purchased a few, the rest will follow. 

How to Use Instagram for Marketing: The 101 

So, that’s a basic guide on how to use Instagram for marketing. What was once thought of as ‘an app for gen Z’ is now an essential tool for any business. 

Follow these simple tips and watch your sales go through the roof if you’re ready to get started. 

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