5 Best Places to Recruit Employees (Without Using Job Boards)

Best Places to Recruit Employees

Since the pandemic, about 23 million people have registered themselves as unemployed. With such a high number, it is easy to find people willing to work for your company.

But the chances are that you don’t want to hire just anyone as your employee. That is why many employers are shying away from job board sites where you will receive countless applications you have to sift through.

Did you know there are other ways to find workers? If you want to know the best places to recruit employees, keep reading this informative article. 

1. Social Media

If you wonder where to recruit employees, look no further than social media. You should set up accounts on a few different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Once you do this, you gain access to millions of potential followers, clients, and even employees. If a position opens up at your company, create a post stating you are currently hiring.

Once you do that, you can choose to make that post an advertisement. One of the best parts of social media advertising is that you can customize your settings.

That means you can pick what areas the advertisements will reach. If you need someone in your immediate area, you can set it up so only people in your town or city will have access to the ad. That way, you don’t have to worry about people from all over the world trying to apply. 

 2. Colleges

If you want to know where to recruit employees, head to your local public university and set up a table toting your business. College students are always looking for employment or for a way to make money.

So, you will likely garner a lot of traffic if you go to their school and tell them you are hiring. The upside to colleges is you will be hiring employees with education, organizational skills, and self-discipline. 

3. Job Fairs 

Job fairs happen all over the country. That means your area will likely have a job fair that you can sign up for and set up a booth. To find out, all you have to do is hop on the internet and search for job fairs in your area.

These events are beneficial because they pool a countless number of people into one area. That means you have an unlimited amount of people applying in person. Speaking with people in person can make it much easier for you to tell who is best qualified for the position. 

4. Recruitment Agencies

If you don’t want to go through a job site for a new employee search, you can sign yourself up with a recruitment agency. These agencies will then scout for talent and potential workers that best fit the position. They will then send you workers, and you can decide if you want to keep them on full-time. 

5. Niche Job Sites

When you go through a general job website like Indeed, you are liable to pull in applicants from across the board. However, if you need someone more specialized for the position, you can look up job sites specific to your needs.

That way, whoever applies will have at least some experience in the field. You also won’t have to sift through applications until you find someone with the right qualifications. 

For More of the Best Places to Recruit Employees 

You no longer have to count on job board websites to find your next hard worker. Places like job fairs and colleges can be some of the best places to recruit employees.

And remember to take full advantage of social media. Did this article teach you how to recruit employees? We hope our post helped you out.

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