How to Design a Killer Instagram Content Strategy

Over 1 billion people have an account on Instagram, with only the best of the best standing out. How can you be one of them?

To succeed on such a popular social media platform, you need a solid Instagram content strategy. Otherwise, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

Design an Instagram content strategy sure to grow your account with these tips and pointers.

Know Your Followers

Like how a business must know its target customer, you should be familiar with your followers on Instagram. You must know their interests, pain points, and what kind of content they enjoy most.

To find this information, first look at insights. See what content gets the most engagement, what type of posts attract the most followers, and which get shared the most. Also, check your comments and DMs for commonly asked questions and feedback.

Then, create content around this data.

Decide When to Post

Decide when to post on Instagram based on your schedule and when your followers are most active online. You should choose a content schedule that you can stick to consistently, week after week.

If you can’t post every day, it’s better to be realistic and stay consistent with only posting a few times a week instead.

And remember, Instagram content creation involves researching what your followers like, designing and executing the content, writing an effective caption, and gathering relevant hashtags. Leave time in your schedule to think carefully about each of these components.

Utilize Stories

Stories offer a more personal and casual way to interact with people on Instagram. They’re also a great way to share related content from other users and influencers you’ve collaborated with.

And if your regular posts aren’t showing up in some followers’ feeds, posting daily stories gives you another way to reach them.

Learn about the features of Instagram stories to get the most out of them.

Prioritize Video

Every Instagram content plan needs video nowadays. It’s a much better medium than static posts for increasing engagement and followers.

There’s a video content strategy for every type of niche and Instagram account.

For example, if you have a service-based business, you can use videos to give some quick tips or a how-to in your field. You can also show snippets of your day, behind-the-scenes moments in the office, or a teaser for an upcoming project.

Create With Engagement in Mind

One of the best Instagram content tips to keep in mind is to create content designed to inspire engagement.

There are several ways to achieve this. Stories offer several features, such as polls and question boxes, allowing your followers to interact and share their thoughts.

You can also add a call-to-action message in every post caption, encouraging people to comment, like, or share. 

And your Instagram content can invite more engagement by being shareable. Posts that are on-trend, relatable, informative, or entertaining are more likely to be shared than posts that lack clear messaging or value.

Start Your Instagram Content Strategy

It can be a challenge to stand out and attract attention on Instagram. But with these tips, you can start creating an effective Instagram content strategy that earns you more followers and engagement.

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