How to Create a Bulletproof Social Media Strategy

businessman showing financial strategy on a tablet in a business meeting. All screen graphics are made up.

As 2022 approaches, it’s becoming quite apparent that a social media strategy is important for businesses in the 21st century. Any business without a social media business plan is sure to fall behind. 

If you’re not on social media yet, it’s important to get on soon as possible so that your competitors don’t pull of you. 

This article will walk you through a few foundations you should consider to build your social media strategy on. 

Pick the Right Social Media Platform 

No social media strategy can succeed if it’s launching from the wrong platform. Study the various social media sites carefully, and figure out which one is best for you. 

Instagram is the biggest site out there that’s relevant to business, with over 1.3 billion users. Its large fanbase means that many different types of sub-communities use it. Instagram is a very safe option. 

TikTok is the rising star of the social media world. If your company can use TikTok right, they can gain the advantage of the unique form of meme-based advertising that works so well. However, TikTok is mainly used by younger users with a famously strange sense of humor; make sure you nail that humor, or you’ll be out of touch.

LinkedIn is the “professional” social media platform. Anybody looking to create a more refined, intellectual, and business-centered image should head over there. 

Develop a Consistent Schedule 

No matter what sort of social media plan you decide to go with, you have to understand that without a consistent schedule, social media marketing will never work. 

It’s much more important to post consistently than to post a lot. Set a day or two a week when you’ll definitely post. This will help you maintain quality, and help your customers get used to your social media presence. 

In the 2020s, people want to feel as if they know your business as a person. Give them as many chances to interact with you as possible. 

Use Stories 

When Instagram introduced stories onto their platform, they changed the game. Ever since then, social media users have made use of two schedules — one for standard posts, and one for stories. Story content can be much quicker and provide some behind-the-scenes footage, while main-post content is much more “professional” looking. 

Stories are the perfect place for you to constantly update your social media presence and link people to your website. Making use of Instagram story stickers is one of the best ways out there to drive sales on Instagram.

(Pro-tip, you can tease upcoming posts in your stories. You can show the making of certain posts in your stories as well. This is a great way to double your content; a great social media strategy is all about working smarter than harder.) 

Understand Social Media Strategy 

Social media strategy doesn’t mean much if you don’t build yourself a strong foundation. Make sure that you pick the right social media platform, develop a consistent schedule, and use stories and you’re far more likely to succeed. 

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