How to Pick the Best POS System for Your Restaurant

restaurant inventory management

With the restaurant industry generating close to $800 billion in sales in a single year, you know how hard it can be to keep track of your own restaurant’s finances.

The right restaurant inventory management software can help.

But how do you know if you’re choosing the best POS system for your restaurant? Read this post to find out what you need to know when making your selection.

1. Focus on Speed and Intuitiveness

The restaurant business moves fast. Can your POS software keep up? If not, your waitstaff and your cooks are going to get frustrated, and you’re going to lose business.

One thing that can make things move faster is getting POS software that is easy to use, can work with other POS software you may already have installed, and has fast hardware.

Your diners are already hungry when they come to your restaurant. Even a few minutes of a delay can cause them to walk out.

2. Look For An Option Offering Great Inventory Tracking

Let’s get real: inventory is a nightmare. A good POS system can help. Find one that tracks your ingredient orders and usage, reminds you when it’s time to re-order, and tracks the items that you’ve sold.

A POS system can also help you to track your most popular menu items and ingredients, and some can even let you re-up an order on the system itself.

3. Make Sure It Works With Your Credit Card Processor

As more restaurants are accepting credit cards from diners, make sure your POS system will work with your card processors. If the two aren’t compatible, you’ll lose valuable time running your credit card sales out of your system.

4. Find A System Offering Valuable Reporting

To really see how your restaurant is running, sometimes you just have to sit down and look at the numbers.

Your POS software should help you track menu items, the cost of labor and ingredients (as well as kitchen tools and appliances), maintenance costs, and new customers.

5. Look For A POS System With Tech Support

You already know what a disaster it can be for your restaurant when your system shuts down unexpectedly.

If your POS software doesn’t have 24/7 tech support, you’ll have to wait around for their schedule – even though it’s their software that failed.

That means you’ll lose valuable business, and potentially repeat customers who were too frustrated by the experience at your restaurant.

But support shouldn’t just be there in the event of a disaster or system failure.

They need to be able to help you set up your system, run any updates it requires, help with credit card transaction errors, and provide ongoing training to your employees.

Rely On POS Restaurant Software To Keep Your Kitchen Running

In New York alone, 80% of restaurants will close in just five years. Make sure your restaurant sticks around long enough to become an institution, no matter where you’re based.

Selecting the right POS operating system for your restaurant ensures that things will be running smoothly in both times of crisis and day-to-day operations.