Why Every Small Business Needs Server Monitoring Tools

Server Monitoring Tools

Are you a small business owner?

Maybe you’ve been running your business successfully for a while but you’re just now getting into your own website.

Now you’re wondering about things you didn’t worry about before. Like server monitoring tools or online best practices?

Problem is, you’re no IT professional.

That’s OK!

In this article, you’ll learn how these tools can help your business succeed, and how to obtain them at reasonable prices.

Why Your Small Business Needs Server Monitoring Tools Right Now

SiteUptime will continuously test your site’s performance from multiple access points.

Our monitoring tools will ensure your site is always up and running.

It’s important that your site is performing as expected and in any way your customer might need it to.

So we’ve got you covered.

The following are five reasons your small business will benefit from using server monitoring tools right now.

5 Benefits for Your Small Business

1. Cost Savings

How many small businesses do you think use technology to help save them money? The answer is “a ton!” and they’re always looking for more.

Server Monitoring Tools like ours will notify you by email, SMS, or phone whenever your site is experiencing downtime.

How’s that for instant service?

A study done by AT&T and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council showed that small businesses who utilized mobile accessible tools saved the equivalent to $67.5 billion a year.

Is it possible your business could save more time, money, and valuable resources?

Yes, it is!

Save resources by using a trusted tool that ensures your site is always generating sales, leads, and income.

2. Make Your Network More Reliable

Generally, the best you can expect is a site working effectively 99 percent of the time.

That might seem great and even near perfect performance.

But don’t forget, that still means there are seven hours every month where your customers can’t reach you.

During those seven hours every month, customers can’t view your site. They can’t share it with their friends. And they can’t place orders or log into their accounts.

Just think about that for a moment. That’s seven hours each month that your customers can’t give you any money.

That adds up fast!

A reliable network is crucial to the success of your small business.

And server monitoring tools will help ensure it’s up and running when you need it most. Which isn’t 99 percent of the time, it’s all the time.

Here are common reasons your site will experience downtime and how server monitoring tools can help prevent it.

Common Reasons Your Site Goes Down:

  • Server Overload
  • Hacking
  • Coding Errors
  • Datacenter Problems

As you can see, your business will enjoy cost savings and more reliable network connections when you use efficient tools.

Let’s move on to some other benefits.

3. Will Help You Keep Tabs on Your Servers

At this point in your business, how do you know when your site will experience downtime?

Statistically, your business will experience some kind of operation interruption. 73 percent of businesses experienced this at some point during the last five years.

The only way to know when it’s coming and prevent the impact it could have on your business is to use server monitoring tools.

This way, you can fix the issue before any customers have to experience a site error or the dreaded 404 page.

Automatic alerts through email, SMS, and phone are the only way to ensure you catch downtime before it impacts your bottom-line.

This way, you can act fast and minimize the impact as much as possible.

4. Improve Troubleshooting

One day you walk into the office only to find that your website is loading very slowly.

What do you do?

First, you try to remember which router was acting up the last time this happened.

But that’s not very efficient or accurate, is it? And that’s not how anybody wants to run their business.

Meanwhile, your small business is losing money because your customers are growing frustrated with your faulty site.

Server monitoring tools can prevent this by providing your business with quick and easy access to the IT information you need.

That way, you can quickly troubleshoot the problem and effectively fix any network errors.

Our tool will provide you with a log of every check it has done and any errors it found along the way. Including the date and time the error was found.

5. Improved Network Security

Are you worried about security?

You should be.

As a small business owner, you’re especially vulnerable to attack.

However, large corporations have the means to take excessive lengths to ensure their safety.

Your reputation could be on the line if you’re not up-to-date on the latest best practices in network security.

Do you have any idea how much a data breach could cost your business?

According to a recent survey, small businesses spent an average of $38,000 to recover from a single data breach.

Many small businesses don’t have that kind of dough to recover if this unfortunate situation should happen to them.

And the cost only increases once you take into account your damaged reputation and lost opportunities.

Being a small business, unfortunately, makes you an easy target in the eyes of the hacker.

You’re assumed to have low security and easy access to sensitive data.

Luckily, server monitoring tools can help combat relentless hackers and weak spots in your network.

Plus, this is an affordable alternative allowing you to compete with the big guns (major corporations with entire IT teams on their side).

Our tools will make it easy to see the traffic coming into your site and spot anything fishy before it becomes a threat.

Wrapping it Up

Have you found enough reasons why your small business needs server monitoring tools right now?

SiteUptime provides small businesses the tools to ensure your website (your livelihood) is up and running when you need it.

They have multiple affordable pricing plans from the free to pro level.