Do It for the Gram: How Adobe Spark Will Boost Your Social Media Branding


Let’s be honest: keeping your social media up to date, consistent, and relevant can be a pain.

First, you have to find the right content. Then, you have to tailor it for each site and upload it individually. Whether you’re a business owner or trying to start your own brand, social media can be a huge time sink.

What if I told you that you’re able to knock everything out at once with Adobe Spark? That you could create dramatic, eye-catching content quickly and easily, and share it all at once?

Curious? Read on to find out!


Did you know that Adobe Spark isn’t just a free photo editor? Adobe Spark can also create stunning, classy video in no time at all!

What’s more compelling to you: a static image, or a video? Video gives you more things to look at in a smaller period of time, and can often be more dynamic than the most carefully composed picture.

Give your social media that dynamic boost it needs by creating video with Adobe Spark!


Don’t have a full-fledged video you’re ready to share with the world? No problem!

With Adobe Spark, you’re able to add a pop of animation to even the most basic graphics. Give your text a little bit of sparkle, or let your background move!

The great thing about Adobe Spark is that your images no longer have to be static. Raise your audience engagement with great and unique content!


Adobe Spark lets you watermark your content, letting the world know where and who it came from originally.

This comes in handy on the off-chance someone tries to repost your content as their own. On the Internet, there are few options you can take to stop this from happening, but Adobe Spark gives you the added benefit of making sure your content is branded.

This way, even if they come across your content through somebody else, your audience can find their way back to you. Count it as a win!

Share it!

Sure, Adobe Spark may be a great program, but how do you get your content from Adobe and onto your social media?

Saving video and other content to various devices to be uploaded can be a huge pain, but luckily, Adobe makes it easy. Adobe Spark offers sharing options right from the program, allowing you to upload your content directly from the program.

You also have the option to share it directly with another person through a message, and you can cross post your content to your various social media outlets all at once!


Adobe Spark lets you keep your content consistent and updated frequently, all in one fell swoop. It really is a one-stop shop for all your social media content needs. With great visual content from Adobe, your audience engagement is sure to go through the roof!

Any tips and trick you know of to create mind-blowing, eye-catching, engaging content through Adobe? Feel free to drop us a line, and get ready for massive success!