How to Start a Successful Online Pet Shop

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Everything is moving online these days.

That’s especially true for retail. Without the high overhead of brick-and-mortar shops, online stores are absolutely flourishing.

The internet has made opening a shop easier and less expensive than ever. And that goes for pet shops too.

While you’re not about to ship a kitten through FedEx, pet supplies are selling very well online. From leashes to treats, more and more pet owners are buying pet supplies online.

You might be thinking about opening an online pet shop, but you’re not sure of where to start. In this article, we’re going to look at the best ways to start a successful online pet shop with no experience.

Write a business plan

Just like with any business, your online pet shop should have a thorough business plan.

A business plan should outline the purpose of the business, a marketing strategy, potential competition, potential revenue, and financial requirements.

A business plan is essential for keeping you on track. It also helps inspire confidence with would-be financiers and investors.

Find suppliers and manufacturers

It is very unlikely that you will be making all your products by yourself. You will likely be purchasing your items directly from the manufacturer and reselling them to you customers.

Even if you are selling custom products, it is much more cost effective to outsource the manufacturing so you can sell higher volumes.

Before you start selling your organic chew toys or designer dog crate furniture online, you need to source these products well.

Do your homework. Compare multiple suppliers and negotiate for better deals.

Saving money here can allow you to offer lower prices to your customers, giving you the edge.

Find a good web host

There are tons of web hosting companies out there. Not all of them are worth the money, though.

A poor web host means your site could be offline every now and then. And such a site annoys customers and ultimately costs you money.

Find a trusted web host that will keep your website online throughout.

Craft a good business name

What’s in a name? A lot. Especially for pet lovers!

Ask anyone about their pet’s name, and you’ll be sure to hear a lovingly told story about where it came from.

Your business’ name is no different. And with an online shop, you’re going to need to consider your domain name as well.

A clever, easy to remember domain name will increase brand recognition and drive more traffic to your site. will be much easier to remember than some convoluted subsite like

Besides, nothing delegitimizes a website like an unofficial domain name. Spend the extra time thinking of a clever name, and spend the extra money to get a respectable domain.

A well-designed pet website makes customers happy

With an online store, your website is your business. If your website isn’t up to par, your revenues will take a dip.

Make a solid investment into your website’s design. Hire a professional if you need to.

Before publishing your website, take it for a test run. How is the user experience? Can you easily find important information? Is it easy to pay for your items?

A poorly designed website can hurt user experience, which hurts your sales.

Get to selling!

Once you follow these steps, you’re off to the races! Enjoy your online pet shop business!