5 Digital Strategies to Advertise Your Landscaping Website

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You’ve got the staff, you’ve got the equipment, and you’ve got a great reputation.

But now comes the hard part: marketing your business and getting the business you deserve.

Digital marketing is difficult, especially when you’re trying to run a full-time business. But sometimes the best strategies take less effort and more personality.

That’s why you’ll need to use these tips when advertising your landscaping website.

1. Focus on Your Landing Page

Your landing page should tell customers everything they need to know about you. This includes everything from who you are to what services you offer.

Make sure your homepage is clean and features tons of images showing off your great work. People tend to focus more on images than words, so adding a carousel slideshow is a smart choice.

Other important information includes your business name and contact info. Keep these on the top left of the screen, as people’s eyes tend to gravitate toward that area first.

Finally, include a few blurbs from past happy customers. The less searching your customers have to do, the more likely the are to enlist your services. If you’re unsure about landing page practices, check out http://naturapestcontrol.com to get a better idea of how a landing page should look.

2. Use Word of Mouth Reviews

Testimonies will be the bread and butter of your landscaping business. It’s a tough market, even in the smallest of towns, so your customers are your best source of advertising.

After you’ve completed a job, follow up with a customer via email and ask them to write a brief review. It doesn’t have to be particularly lengthy, but every kind word counts.

You can even ask them to include photos of their yard in the review so others can see your hard work.

3. Create a Google My Business Page

One of the best things you can do for your business is to make sure it shows up on Google. When customers look for landscaping, your business needs to be front and center.

Signing up for Google My Business is easy, and best of all, free. All you have to do is provide Google with some simple information such as:

  • Your business name
  • Your website
  • Contact information
  • Business address
  • Hours of operation

4. Focus Your Efforts Locally

While digital marketing generally has a larger focus, your aim is to get local. This means that when you create content for your site, it should come from a local slant.

Try and focus on local keywords or write about areas that are most pertinent to your area.

5. Leverage Your Social Media Presence

Social media is the best tool you can use to bring customers to your landscaping site.

Make sure you’re regularly updating your Facebook page and engaging with consumers. Try and schedule a few posts per week to keep your name in people’s feeds.

You’ll also want to keep an active profile on websites like Nextdoor, which is a highly localized social network. People shouldn’t see you as a brand, they should see you as a person.

Using social media is a great way to add some personality to your presence while drawing eyes to your site.

Any or all of these tips can be used to advertise your site in a fun, modern way. Remember, digital marketing doesn’t have to be overly serious. Let your personality come through and your landscaping site will see more viewers than ever!