6 Tips for Luxury Real Estate Web Design

luxury real estate web design

As a REALTOR®, you’re always looking for new leads. Creating a great website is part of marketing your portfolio.

However, many real estate agents aren’t sure how to start when it comes to their website design. We’re here to help you.

Read on to learn six tips for luxury real estate web design.

1. Use Photography to Your Advantage

Did you know that websites with videos or images gain 94% more visitors than those pages without them?

When potential clients view your website, they want to see the best available properties for sale. The best way for them to view these is with clear photos that showcase the homes.

You should also make sure that you’re constantly updating the properties that you’re representing. Keep your page freshly updated with photos of the most attractive properties.

2. Add Community Pages

One of the keys to creating luxury real estate web design is adding community pages to your website. What does this mean exactly?

Your clients and potential customers want to know about the neighborhoods and communities they’ll be buying or selling in. Use a Google map integration to highlight some of the best areas in your selling area. For example, if your focus is on Utah luxury homes, you should provide a map of the specific areas in Utah you focus on.

Make sure you’re adding community pages that focus on things like schools, businesses, and local events and recreation.

3. Utilize a Contact Form

In order to gain leads, you’ll need to know who’s visited your website as well as their information. The easiest way to do this is by implementing a contact form on every page of your website. This makes it easy for a potential client to contact you.

Make sure that your contact form asks for key information, such as email address or telephone number. You’ll then be able to use this information for email marketing purposes. Sending newsletters and updated property listings will be easier.

4. Maximize Local SEO

What’s the point of having a great website if your customers aren’t able to find you? When a customer searches for real estate agents in the area, they should be able to find you in the search results.

That’s why local SEO is so important to your luxury real estate web design. So where do you start?

You should start by incorporating local keywords that will most likely be searched for in your area. There are many keyword tools available online that you can use to get you started.

You’ll also want to create content, like blog posts that are specific to your search location. For example, if you’re selling Utah luxury homes, why not create blog posts that highlight content related to Utah and the specific areas you’re focusing on?

5. Showcase Testimonials and Reviews

Thanks to technology, word of mouth is moving from personal referrals to online reviews and testimonials. In fact, 84% of consumers trust an online review as much as they would word of mouth.

Have you had happy customers? Why not ask them to leave a review or testimonial for your page? Once you have this information, make sure the reviews are placed in a high traffic area on your website.

6. Your Luxury Real Estate Web Design Should Be Quick

Chances are, if your website is slow to load, customers will simply move on elsewhere. A slow website can also affect your SEO. How can you speed up your website?

Things like large files or downloads on your website can slow things down significantly. However, if you’re incorporating lots of images of homes, you’re going to need more space. Utilize plugins to store larger files so that your website will speed up.


Finding new leads don’t have to be difficult. By optimizing your website, you’ll find that more leads will be coming your way without doing much work on your end.

Make sure that you’re using photography to your advantage. Showcase the community you’re operating in so buyers can learn more about the area they’re relocating to.

Show off your reviews and testimonials to let potential customers that the people you’ve worked with are satisfied with your work.

Once you start implementing these tips into your website design, you’ll start noticing more leads!