Your Vaping Site Needs to Load Fast: Here’s Why

hand on computer vape pen

Your vaping site needs to load as fast as possible. Ideally, in the time it took to read that first sentence.

Or even better, in the time it takes for your (potential) customer to take a drag on their vape while they wait.

It’ll keep them happy, and they can get on with shopping. It’ll keep search engines happy with your site too!

Slow Sites, Slow Sales

The last thing you want is for customers to be waiting for the best CBD vape juice on a slow site. They won’t wait very long!

Research on internet browsing habits suggests that if a page takes 4 seconds to load, around 25% of visitors will abandon their attempt. Amazon figured out that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales every day!

How many vape sales would you stand to lose for the sake of a second?

Google Doesn’t Like Slow Sites Either

As we’ve said, people aren’t keen on slow sites. Google, if anything, is even less keen.

It wants people to be able to access the things they’re looking for as fast as possible. It takes speed very seriously, and it can take a long time to recover from a penalty applied by the search giant.

So make sure you’re doing all you can to cut speed.

Make Sure Your Pictures Are Sensible

We know you want to show off all the latest flavors, vapes and gadgets to your customers. The best way to do this is to use great pictures of your new products.

However, pause for a moment before uploading – if you’re using massive pictures, you’re unintentionally slowing down your site. Which means that you’re delaying the point at which your customers can see the goodies.

Around 61% of a website’s page weight (on a desktop) will come from images. So optimizing your pictures can really speed things up.

Avoid uploading super high-res pictures, and experiment with using different image formats to see if you can cut down those load times.

Cultivate Your Code

As a crude rule of thumb, the longer your code is, and particularly the more JavaScript you use, the longer your site will take to load.

It’s not this simple in reality, as things like massive pictures (see above) need to be taken into account too. But the average web page today is 13 times heavier than it was in 2002, which is linked to the rise of JavaScript use.

If your site is whirring away trying to render some sort of amazing vape smoke billowing gently across the page, yes it might look cool. But no, it probably isn’t doing you any favors in terms of conversions.

We’re definitely not saying never to use these coding languages. But we are saying: “keep it simple!”

Get Back to Vaping

Once you’ve got your site sorted, reward yourself. We don’t just mean cracking open a new vape – we mean that you’ll literally be rewarded with increased visitors and revenues.

Hopefully, you’ll be watching the customers just roll in. You’ve earned it.