7 Secrets to a Profitable Fashion Website

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Right now, we’re living in a unique time in history with more opportunity to make money from home than ever before. You don’t have to be a slave to the 9-5 work week in order to financially provide for your family.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, either. Running an online business takes time, patience, and dedication. But if you’re willing to do your research and do the work, then your online business can be a huge money maker.

The online fashion world is no different. You might be the most skilled and fabulous fashionista in the world, but if you don’t have the online business skills you need then your business won’t pan out.

Here are 7 secrets to running a successful and profitable fashion website.

Stand Out

There are countless fashion blogs and websites in the giant tangled online web but instead of discouraging you, that should encourage you! It means the market is strong enough to support that diversity.

But it also means you need to stand out from the crowd. And who should understand that need better than a fashionista?

You need to know what makes your blog or website different. How do you shine? What unique thing do you offer to people? Think about different fashion websites like rissyroos.com, that have very specific identities.

You won’t be successful copying someone else’s shop identity. Think about your website as the way you share with customers your style, vibe, and theme.

A brick-and-mortar store location gets to use lighting, music, art and clothing displays to share their unique identity. Treat your website like a brick-and-mortar store and make intentional design choices that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Know your audience

If you don’t know who is using your services then how can you meet their needs?

The most successful online fashion businesses know their audience and understand their pain points. If you are studying your back-end analytics then you can find out who’s reading your blog/visiting your site and you’ll be able to do some research.

You don’t need to completely transform who you are and what you’re about to serve the masses, but it’s smart to know who is drawn to your business and what services/products do they want.

Use Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool. Years ago businesses had to shell out major bucks to run print ads and commercials. Instead of launching huge, expensive marketing campaigns, online businesses can take advantage of FREE social media platforms.

Instagram will be your absolute best friend. Fashion businesses especially are driven by photographs. If you’re starting a blog or online website then you need an Instagram as well.

It’s the fastest way to grow and expand your business. People expect a fashion blog to have a strong social media presence, so start taking great photos and post away!

Networking is still important

It might seem silly and strange, but networking with other fashion bloggers is a great way to spread your brand. You can develop strong online relationships with people who are like minded and in the same business.

Ask about guest posting on other peoples blogs for free. This will be of service to them and it will get your name in front of a new audience.

Start actively engaging other bloggers social media accounts. You can learn a lot from each other and you would be surprised at how warm and helpful the online business community can be.

Some of your best friends just might end up being fellow online fashion bloggers who helped your business grow!

Invest in quality content

It’s a bit counter-intuitive to focus on the writing in a fashion blog, but if you don’t provide valuable content for your readers then they won’t buy from you.

Providing quality content builds trust with your readers. If they find the information you provide useful then they will trust you enough to purchase your products or services.

Quality means substances and consistency. If you focus on providing good, solid content then success will follow. Having a clear perspective and good photos are necessary too, but focusing on your content will always grow your business.

Learn the basics of SEO and analytics

If you’re going to have a successful online business then you need to understand the rules of the game. You don’t have to become a computer wiz or coding expert. But you do need to know the basics.

Being aware of SEO good practices and how to interpret your back-end data will go a long way. It’s really helpful to choose a platform that will allow you to implement SEO software and will provide easy to understand analytics.

Having a consistent blog that focuses on topics that your target audience enjoys is a great first step in SEO best practices. There are plenty of how-to tutorials that will help you understand your analytics.

Remember, nothing is set in stone. One of the best ways to achieve success is to be flexible. You need to be able to see what’s working and what isn’t working and shift accordingly.

Be true to yourself

It sounds cliche, but if you’re not true to yourself, then your business will flounder. Your online fashion business should have a unique identity and if that identity isn’t true to yourself then keeping it up will be exhausting.

The most successful online fashion bloggers have let their business blossom naturally from their personalities. Be you. You’re the only one who can!

Allow your personality to shine in your style as well as your photos, your writing, and your web design. If you let your business grow from who you are then people will sense your authenticity.

Running an online fashion business isn’t easy, but if you’re passionate about it and you follow these simple tips then you have unlimited potential for success. Join the online community of fashionistas and let your own personal style fly!