5 Ways to Build Credibility With Your Real Estate Website

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You may be the best real estate agent in town but maybe you’re not so website savvy.

You’ve got a solid client base and positive word of mouth action going on, but you know you could improve your online presence.

Sound familiar? Luckily, you don’t have to be an internet guru and an excellent realtor in order to achieve it all.

These are 5 ways you can build your credibility as a real estate agent with your website.

5 Ways to Build Credibility With Your Website

These are just a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when planning your website.

1. Show The Real People Behind Your Company

Home buyers and sellers alike want to work with real people. No automated systems, no sleazy salesmen. Just real people.

Use your About page to highlight the people behind your company. Everyone makes an impact from the mailroom to the front desk and the boardroom.

Provide thumbnail photos and a short description for how each person makes a difference at your company.

2. Promote Your Testimonials

Nothing builds your credibility quite like positive reviews and testimonials. Collect them from your happy clients and make sure you highlight them on your website.

3. Share Valuable Content

This is where your blog and social media channels will come in handy. People are more likely to trust a company that teaches them something new or shares valuable information with them.

It’s not always about the sale. Sometimes it’s about building a dialogue and sharing your expertise with the world before the sale.

For example, do a post on what it’s like to live in your city or create a resource article on common jargon used in the real estate industry.

Use your site blog to teach and then use your social media channels to share it with the world.

4. Provide Custom Search Options

Every family is unique and they all look for different things in their next home.

You, your company, and your site will become a valuable resource to potential home buyers if they can search for homes and customize their search down to the last detail.

Price range, square footage, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are all important. Figure out what your potential clients are looking for and add it to your search criteria on your site.

5. Make Sure You’re Mobile

You’ve probably heard this enough. But, your website must be mobile friendly.

Imagine you’re with your family, driving around a potential new neighborhood when you see a for sale sign. Quickly, you look up the real estate company site and… Uh-oh.

The site looks messy and squished on your phone. You can’t find a contact button. Now you’re frustrated. You put your phone away only to forget the company name and never bother to look it up at home.

That’s a lost client and it’s damaging to your overall credibility. Make sure your real estate site is mobile friendly. It’s crucial.

Check out the Kensington real estate site for more ideas on how to build credibility with your own website.